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  1. My Shadow is not hinged but has stainless ribs down the sides that slide between the glass and weatherstrip. Cool design that requires no drilling of the hatch. Don't know if this helps or adds confusion. Joe
  2. Hi, I'm in need of 1 (maybe 2) Rota RB 16x8 in +4 offset....in gold with polished lip. The curb won! Thanks, Joe
  3. Yes, still looking.......PM sent and email too but it came back undeliverable. Thanks
  4. Hi...I'm looking for a driver's side oem rear view mirror - from 74 - 78 - the plastic one - in good condition. I can paypal. Thanks, Joe
  5. Just wondering how this turned out...thanks!
  6. CarolinaTZ


    Hi, Looking for a late 260/280 oem radio w/ nice faceplate and connectors intact. Thanks and Merry Christmas
  7. Hi, Can someone with an 11/74 260Z tell me the correct owner's manual for your car... Based on the month/year and part no. on the back cover. It will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Thanks guys....this thread has been helpful. I want to order the Vogtland springs for a late 260Z/280Z from Brandcarparts. I assume the photo on their website is incorrect (smaller at one end and progressive wound). http://brandcarparts.com/1975-1978-nissan-datsun-280z-vogtland-lowering-springs-kit-1-25-drop.html The picture on this ebay listing looks correct (no taper and linear wound). http://www.ebay.com/itm/VOGTLAND-GERMAN-LOWERING-SPRINGS-fits-NISSAN-DATSUN-260Z-280Z-1975-to-77-1978-/400786161518?fits=Make%3ADatsun%7CModel%3A260Z&hash=item5d50b77f6e:g:-uQAAOSwDN1UNiMy&a
  9. Yes, pretty clear. I found the answer and shared it. Not uppity. Just the facts.
  10. Read my first post....I didn't say the timing indicator is missing. It's there, where it was factory installed. I said I doubt the factory made a mistake but, I was spit-balling because it was a highly transitional time for the S30. Anyway, I got my answer. A friend of mine was a Datsun tech in the 70s and later a Nissan master tech. He said the dealer installed AC kit came with a 2-row pulley to replace the non-AC 2-row pulley, which had a narrower groove since it only drove the air pump. Do you see where this is going? The kit supplied pulley (the one I have) was the same as
  11. Thanks for the input, guys. I don't mind some disassembly to add loctite. I only have 263 red on hand...my concern is that if I ever had to take it apart, it would back the studs out of the diff cover. Do y'all agree? If i'm wrong, I'll just use the red. Otherwise, I'll get some 243 blue or 290 green....I may lean towards the green since it's hold is similar to blue with the added benefit of not having to disassemble.
  12. Yes, I plan to put loctite on them the next time I'm under there. After being in so many that clunked, I was convinced they all did it without the upper style mount. That would be a design flaw. But that's not the case. As long as everything is tight, the design works fine on a stock powered car. I'm just excited I don't have to alter the stock diff setup on my 260Z that I want to keep original. As far as the RT setup...I'm not saying it's not an improvement....it is. I'm using one on my 72 turbo car w/ 3.90 clsd.
  13. was simply loose nuts where the diff attaches to the mustache bar. My 260Z has 63,000 miles and had a horrible clunk unless I synchronized the throttle/clutch/shifter with surgical timing. I did searches and most of the topics pointed to the so-called "flawed" design of the diff setup on the S30. I was convinced I needed to install the RT front diff mount. I started with a floor jack under the nose of the diff....I expected to see a lot of lift and a deteriorated front mount. The front of the diff lifted probably 1/4" before it started to lift the car and the bushing mount looked ne
  14. That sounds like a plan, beermanpete. I'll do that when I have the valve cover off. It runs fairly well.....I think most of my drivability issues are coming from my Weber DGVs. I have a set of sealed shaft bearings I plan to install when I rebuild the carbs....and then hopefully can get "all" dialed in. Thanks guys.
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