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WTB: The metal coolant line that runs behind the head

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Looking for the metal coolant line that goes behind the cylinder head, it runs from the intake manifold around the back to the split where the hoses go into the firewall for the heater core.


You can see it here in black with the paint chipping a bit




My car just has a couple rubber hoses there right now, doesn't seem like the best idea


Price shipped to Buffalo, NY 14213 please. I have paypal ready

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ttt, borini sent the wrong part, (though it was sent promptly, appreciate the try). Still looking for the hard coolant line that runs from the intake manifold, around the rear of the cylinder head, over to the passenger's side. It looks like this:




Please include your paypal, price shipped to Buffalo, NY 14213, and a photo of the part so I know we're on the same page.



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