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  1. I've got a few randoms found cleaning up. Have the a.c. control plate from 240z asking 40 plus shipping or better offer not too sure what its worth Have the shoulder belts from my old 70' asking 30 plus shipping New front turn gaskets(didn't take a photo sorry) asking 20 plus shipping Also have new window crank behind plastics pieces 10 plush shipping New rear diff gasket from Nissan 5 plus shipping If it s send good add the 3% please 9702324142 faster response Have more will post as I f
  2. Seems I can get these made and shipped (lower 48)right now for 130 if anyone is interested please let me know.
  3. In the need of a set of heater control knobs with the screws please and thank you. Nalan 9702324142
  4. Just tossing it out there, thanks for all the awesome stuff Dave, I love the products you make.
  5. Likewise, I just sold mine myself too. I loved mine with up c2 525
  6. The little one in the center?
  7. Photos to oblivions13chaos@aol.com please, I'll be looking for a new car, mine was hit hard last night by a driver :/
  8. Anyone know what the brand of these five slots are?
  9. Looking for a z hood preferred vented but will probably not be picky on style. Would want a straight one please. Loaction is Colorado or nearby states. Please and thanks Nalan
  10. It's all aluminum build, the trigger is steel.
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