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  1. USPS Priority Mail 9505 5265 1141 9221 6053 11 Thanks Bud.
  2. I do have ....$55 shipped To Fl. Let me know ....I have Paypal and it's same with my email address Thanks kuwaity63@hotmail.com I Will send the Darker shaded one with the slight offset.
  3. They sell them new @ Nissan dealers. also there is one in ebay right now!
  4. Please if you have a set just let me know. Shipped to 85029.In good shape. Thank You guys. Jamal kuwaity63@hotmail.com
  5. I do have a T3 Stock Turbo spins fine with little tiny play in the shaft. $300 shipped to UT.
  6. I do have one $300 shipped to the east coast. It will be kinda pricey to ship from west coast to east coast. Thank You Jamal
  7. borini63

    Wtb P90 head

    Here is some pix....
  8. I have this set on my 82 280ZX T parts car.
  9. borini63

    Wtb P90 head

    How about a P90A?!Rebuilt.
  10. Thank You guys....ended up rebuilding my little T3 Turbo...........Pricey!!
  11. Hi...any body have one for sale? In good condition no play. Factory T3 Turbo Mine has a lot of play and get stuck when I try to accelerate!(needs to be rebuild-150K miles on it) Thank You in advance. Jamal 602-433-1161
  12. Darnet..... Please let me know if you know anybody want to sell one!
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