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  1. borini63

    280zx fenders

    I have what you need but the shipping will kill the deal.
  2. Looking for a T5 Tranny, can you help? Jamal
  3. borini63

    240 Rear Stub Axle

    Sorry...I thought Half shafts.....
  4. borini63

    240 Rear Stub Axle

    I do have some laying around...I can send you one if you still looking. $50 shipped! kuwaity63@hotmail.com or just PM me .
  5. borini63

    Third/center tail light 280ZX

    Email sent.
  6. borini63

    16x7 or 16x8 wheel setup

    Here is a set but they are not in the states yet! http://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/w245464839
  7. borini63

    76 280z parts - hatch, trans, heater core, etc

    Looking to buy the inner shift boot metal ring. Do you have it? I will buy it if you do. I have paypal and shipping will be to 85029 Phoenix AZ 85029. Thank You Jamal
  8. borini63

    240Z Front Valance, bumper , and wheels

    I sold that white Valance but I do have another one with some factory holes for a factory airdam and holes for BRE Front airdam. Just check Phoenix Craigslist under 240Z!!
  9. borini63

    280zx 1982 NA exhaust manifold needed

    I do have a few laying around if you still looking. Jamal
  10. I am looking to purchase a 82-83 280ZX turbo T5 transmission bell housing. burwynn@aol.com


    1. borini63


      Sorry ..I can't help.

      Did you try a T5 Guy in Phoenix Craigslist? I bit he have some!!





  11. borini63

    240Z Front Valance, bumper , and wheels

    Here is a closer pic of the valance(sold the fender and the door already)
  12. borini63

    240Z Front Valance, bumper , and wheels

    I have a lower valance( I have two sets).No rust .One set has some tiny dings and the other set there is holes for BRE Air Dam spoiler.$100 shipped for each set. Also I have dealer option back in the days,Slots wheels.14's Looking to get $300 +shipping....without tires and comes with brand new center caps with Datsun logo.Shipping will be around $120 to NY! Let me know Jamal
  13. borini63

    Wanted r200 3.36 ratio

    I do have a 79 2+2 parts car ...I will pop out the cover and check. Jamal
  14. borini63

    Datsun s30 3 Piece Spoiler for 240z 260z 280z

    Nice fitment....Like it better than the Canadian one.
  15. borini63

    Rear spoiler for S130(280ZX Coupe)

    Sorry G-Tech just sold the ZX that I was planning to find a spoiler for. Thank you Jamal