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Does anyone own my old Z?

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I swapped in my NA L28 and 5speed, did the R200 diff conversion with a Ron Tyler mount, put my spare dash in, bought a used wiring harness for it, and did actually get it running and driving. However, as I took it apart I also found a good deal of rust, some of which will be very difficult to fix, so it is now sitting in my barn while I figure out what to do with it. Decided to focus on my 280z instead which should be easier to fix.


This pic is from a couple years ago.



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Yeah there was a good amount hiding under weatherstripping, inside panel seams, under paint, etc. It's kinda weird in that no one spot is really severe, save for the hatch sill panel, but there's a LOT of small spots, a number of which are in tricky areas. Funny, I actually bought it because it had less rust than the car I had. So much for that.


We'll see how I feel about rust repair after I finish my current project.

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