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Trust NA header LHD

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Found this article today. Supposedly fits. And it's blue. Wonder how it compares to the MSA header in performance.




Available here.



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Reckon it would be a step up from what MSA sells, mainly owing to the runners coming straighter off the flange, whereas the MSA header bends sharply off the flange.  The MSA header uses smaller runners too, being 1 1/2" vs 1 5/8" for the Trust header.   

That said, at the $600-ish price point, I'd go with the zstory header, being that it's stainless steel and supports a real S30 fanatic who is active within the community.  

He has two designs, one that copies the Trust header ($580-ish), and one copies the old Nissan Competition header ($700-ishj). 


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