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Reverse idler gear

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You can see the clip to let the idler gear free.  Find out how to get the fifth gear removed to let it come off the shaft.  Might be shown in the manual, MT chapter.  Looks like you can pull 5th and change the idler then put it all back together.  Get a new nut before you start, you'll probably destroy the old one when removing it.




Try a more descriptive title of your thread also if you want to get some views.  "Reverse idler gear" doesn't really draw the eye.


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Went ahead and got a new gear and countershaft bearing and nut.

Less than $50.

Took about 20 minutes

The hardest part was getting the snap-ring


What would cause this to happen to the reverse idler?

I don't see any evidence of damage anywhere else?.

Thanks for the help.

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