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  1. Dadddio

    Patton Machine EFI

    Still need to get a new fuel map done. Starts every time, love it. I had a spare set of 3 screws that I used. Pulled my 3 screws and got em in a box. They had recently been rebuilt by Z-Therapy so didn't want mess with em.
  2. Dadddio

    Patton Machine EFI

    Sorry for the delay. Tony, it was your endorsement that convinced me to go this route....Thanks. It was not as easy as it seems, but if I could do it most people could. Turned out to be a very clean install in my opinion. Starts right up everytime. Idles high and drops just like it's supposed to. Only issue is after running a data log it seems I'm running lean. Checked everything, can't seem to locate any issues. Any ideas?
  3. Will these fit a 72 240z without flares or rolling the fenders?Square G6 Wheels 4x114.3 17x9 +15
  4. Dadddio

    Patton Machine EFI

    Larry......what did you set your timing at? Got it running but the timing seem off.
  5. Dadddio

    280z Interior Parts

    What year?
  6. Dadddio

    Patton Machine EFI

    I've got a '72 240z by the way. Hadn't thought of putting it there. I was going to put it on the PS fender. I'm planning on making some brackets for the 2 fuel lines and mount them in the stock location over to the carbs. May do braided, not sure yet. Think you could post a couple pictures? Thanks again.
  7. Dadddio

    Patton Machine EFI

    Larry. Installing a larger fuel line was the hardest part for me to this point. Swapped my 240 fuel tank for a '75 280. Getting ready install the kit next. Where did you mount the pressure regulator? How did you route your fuel lines? Thanks for the response Larry. - Chris M.
  8. Dadddio

    Patton Machine EFI

    I have committed myself to converting my SUs to the Patton Machine EFI. http://www.pattonmachine.com/TBI-Main.htm I am wondering if anyone that has done this could post some pictures of your install? Curious about where to mount everything. Thanks in advance.
  9. Dadddio

    Distributor base

    Anyone have the adjustment plate for the distributor?.....for a '74 260z. I'm swapping my distributor in my '72 240z with one from a 260z. The one from the 240z does not fit. Thought they were the same. The mounting screw in the adjustment plate does not line up. I do not need the whole distributor. Thank you.
  10. Dadddio

    280z project car parts sell off. - Sold

    I'll take em. PM me with your info.
  11. Dadddio

    280z project car parts sell off. - Sold

    Price for the CV kit? Do you know if they will work with a Subaru R180 differential?
  12. Dadddio

    280z distributor

    I may have sourced one locally. That's good to know that about the vacuum advance. Thanks for your help.
  13. Dadddio

    280z distributor

    Hi all. I'm looking for a '75 '76 single pick up distributor. I really just need the vacuum control module. Thanks in advance.