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What's a good E88 (late - 1974) head worth?

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I still have the L26 that was in my 260Z frame when I bought it.  A mechanic at the other end of the building ends up needing a head for a 260Z he has in his shop.  I took him my head, he had it thoroughly checked out by our local machinist.  The head is good, so he wants to use it for his customer.


He doesn't know what it's worth - I don't know what it's worth...  I want to be fair with this guy and his customer.  


I've looked on the interweb - eBay mostly - and there's not a whole lot of info...


Help a brother out?  What do you think I should be getting for a used E88 head?



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I would say it is probably worth like 100-150 for a decent core. Maybe ask 150-300 depending on the condition? 300 would be for a very complete very clean head. 


An E31 would have better quench from what I understand, N42 have the benefit of having the injector holes and the square exhaust ports, P90 has the whole turbo or high comp NA thing going for it. The N47 and the E88 seems to be kind of the odd ones out. 

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