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switched power source for an AEM wideband?

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Hey guys


Those of you running wideband O2s ,  does it need a direct source from the battery (via a relay or something?) or can I tap off something else in the cabin? I'm a total electrical dummy, and Im not sure if this is a particularly "sensitive" device that needs steady voltage from the battery, something that it otherwise might not get if its daisy-chained to other electrics in the car? 


Sorry if its a dumb question, I need to ensure Im doing it properly so as not to get false readings or burn through the gauge/sensor! Its an AEM X-series gauge with LSU sensor. The manual basically just says it needs 12-14v on the red wire and (-) on the black - pretty straight forward. 



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I had a AEM wideband running on my last Z, I just T'ed it into a switched power wire and it worked fine. I can't remember if the O2 sensor was heated or not but if yours is you will want switched power as well or the heater will drain the battery.


Yeah its heated - I think they all are. I definitely want a switched source.


Ok then since Im a dumbass, will this work?



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