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Sticking Disc Brakes

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I changed my 77 280z front disc calipers to the Toyota PU Calipers and the ZX master cylinder. Everything fit perfectly, clearance between the pads and the rotors was perfect. I then bled the system and both fronts are sticking. If it were one side I would say bad caliper but both are doing the same thing. Any thoughts one what might be happening?

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Did you adjust the push rod that is between the booster and the master  cylinder?  If not, search the brake forum for "push rod adjustment".


It is a common oversight when installing the ZX master cylinder.


If the push rod is too long the return port in the MC will be blocked which after a few stops will lock up the brakes. You can relieve the fluid pressure by opening the MC bleed screws so carry a wrench with you when testing the push rod adjustments.


You don't have to remove the MC from the car. Leave the brake lines attached and just remove the two nuts holding the MC to the booster. Pull the MC away from the booster and push it to the side.


Note: when adjusting the push rod be careful not to drop the reaction disk inside the booster. Try to minimize pulling on the push rod.





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