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  1. Kris.Is.Awesome


    I've got one
  2. Kris.Is.Awesome

    240z 260z 280z hatch

    I have one, I'm in VA
  3. Kris.Is.Awesome

    Sticking Disc Brakes

    Residual pressure valve?
  4. Kris.Is.Awesome

    1973 240z dash harness

    Pretty sure I have that exact harness
  5. Kris.Is.Awesome

    found an awesome metal fabrication forum...

    Ahhhh, I forgot about this site. Always a good bump!
  6. Kris.Is.Awesome

    Round 2. Anyone want CNC Parts?

    I think the key to this is an extremely thin shift lever.
  7. Kris.Is.Awesome


    Drat, mine is all cut up
  8. Kris.Is.Awesome

    Zrossa's r32 VRZ

    Woah, interesting front body work there. What is it?
  9. Nice work. I'd be interested to see the bead dies you used for that one
  10. Eagerly waiting on a complete shell price
  11. Kris.Is.Awesome

    R200 billet diff cover

    I can fix that!!!
  12. Kris.Is.Awesome

    Incar Video S30 Circuit Stacking

    Awesome video! Details on the car?
  13. Kris.Is.Awesome

    Mig welding help

    TO your original post- Not enough wire speed, and you were traveling too fast. Yes, a proper mig weld should sound like a consistent sizzle- like bacon. Just keep at it! I don't personally like drawing art while I weld, but if your "e"s are consistent, you'll get a nice looking bead. "
  14. Kris.Is.Awesome

    Biggest cam with flat-tops-no reliefs

    It's not the maximum lift that will get you- It's the timing, and duration.
  15. Kris.Is.Awesome

    Our new D Brinkworth flares are ready

    Any updates here?