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RB20 Not Cranking

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Hi everyone, this is my first post here, but I've been lurking on the site since I got my 75 280z three years ago. Last winter I decided to swap a rb20det into the old girl and got way too deep into a restomod and I'm having trouble getting the engine to crank. My setup: bone stock rb20 and turbo, wiring specialties harness with ECU master EMU adapter, EMU and an EZ harness for the body. I've figured out which wires go where off the oe ignition switch and wired them into what should be the correct wires on the wiring specialties harness. I've got plenty of good ground and the battery isn't dead. The EMU doesn't have a map uploaded to it yet, would that cause it to not crank? I'll be uploading some pictures later today.



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"Crank" means to spin.  From the old days when they applied an actual handle to the crank shaft.  Then spun it.  If it won't crank that means that the starter solenoid is not getting power, or the starter is no good.

Did you actually mean "fire"?  Fire is when the spark causes the fuel-air mixture to burn.  If it won't fire, that could be a spark problem or a fuel problem.

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Trying to help but your description not helping ! A tune should not affect your car cranking or not . However if you mean starting and idling yes it will ofcourse.

If your getting ignition ON such as ECU, Fuel pump and all other chasis switched on accerssories then most likely it is the starter wire, Should be a spade connector that runs to starter. If its not you may have other underlying issues such as Ground connections, Main fuses switched power at ign etc,..

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