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  1. I didnt want to put 3 -5 ads for random parts so there is some parts from different cars I dont have pics of everything but ask me and you shall receive. I may have lots of other parts please message. All prices are OBO and dont include shipping. 240z $ 160 late Middle console with fusebox cover very clean from what I can remember $ 80-140 2 sets 1 has cracked lenses i started to refurbish the housing and painted plastic specific paint. arctic white ( may have harness too ) $ 30 tach $ 30 speedo $ 40 middle console inspection fuse box lid (not fusebox lid) $460 ACT 6 puck extreme non sprung clutch , pressure plate with Fidanza aluminum flywheel. The flywheel has less than 100 km Clutch has lots of life ! recommended to surface all mating parts and balance for best grip. $450 R200 long nose VLSD oddball differential dont know what its from exactly selling for a friend. IT could just need 240sx/j30 stubs to make hybrid axle But no time. Made a post about it here. $ 40-80 several driveshafts
  2. NO Finned cover left ! TURBO MOTOR SOLD updated in the top.
  3. softopz

    Megasquirt 2 Sensor Monitoring

    You can get GPS speed via the tablet sensor, Oil pressure would need a sensor to MS2 which is doable.
  4. Finally a complete drop in plug and play High Quality Custom Megasquirt 1 , 2 or 3 harness with fuse and relay box. We take out the hard part all you have to do is pass it through firewall, connect the plugs, and 3 wires (12 v battery , 12 v switched and ground! ) Every install gets instructions and detailed pics sent to email or here on hbz.Megasquirt is a standalone fuel and ignition system that is robust, affordable and most importantly tunable! Get rid of those 30+yr old harness, broken efi plugs and that silly AFM ! Be able to tune, get better gas mileage , better driveability and most importantly POWER. Harness's are custom made for each individual setup and will take 1-2 weeks to complete. It includes all new plugs, fuses, relays , wires , loom and components. The harness is designed for ms2 compatible Nissan 280zx turbo 82 83 distributor OR 300zx/maxima/pathfinder Distributor I am also an authorized Megasquirt Dealer I could get any other system or product! HARNESS $ 750 Megasquirt 1, 2 or 3 L series drop in harness Harness + Relay/Fuse box will be $750 will include: - 6x EV1 sealed injectors plugs quick disconnect - 1x GM coolant temp sensor with amp sealed plug - 1x GM air temp sensor with amp sealed plug - 1x ms2 friendly Throttle Position sensor with sealed plug - 1x ms2 friendly Crank Angle Sensor with plug OR l28et distributor input ( you supply plug ) - Fuse Relay box: Labelled with fuses for fuel pump, coil, ecu, 2x injectors banks. With 2 spare connections for wideband / boost controller. - 16 ft power to fuel pump - Main Power to battery with fuse connectors, 8ft ground for relays, 8ft switched power for relays. (crimped and soldered) Harness is made from AMP METAL DB37 clamshell connector - You choose ECU placement or Fuse/Relay Box some people like fusebox next to battery and ECU inside passenger firewall. Or both near each other - All connection are crimped and soldered for optimum connection and longevity. - GXL wiring (heat and oil resistant) - Up to 12ft length at no extra charge - labelled every 3 inches - relay/fusebox can handle 6 relays and 6 fuses (typical install uses 2 relays which leaves you with 4 additional for headlight upgrade, fan etc. and 4 fuses and leaves you 2 spare) - fuse/relay box is detachable from harness that way you can pass it through on either end. - extra FIDLE, IAC 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B outputs included Additionally I can also setup a MS2 ECU to make this a complete turn key system! MS2 ecu $ 467 config $ 200 hardware+software configured (includes basetune which $100 goes to ChickenMan for his efforts) at the moment 260cc injectors /440cc/480cc also we will cover NA tunes. extras options available Wideband input,Fan control, Methanol Control, 4 cylinder harness, 8 cylinder harness, trigger wheels for CAS ecu panel mount custom length wires. Mega squirt hardware assembly. PM for extra options and more info. Iam also a authorized re seller of all Megasquirt products, 14point7 wideband/data logging systems and HDI boost controllers/intercoolers/gauges/clamps. If you need more info please look at this old thread or PM me .
  5. softopz

    $100 Chinese Ebay Turbo - T3/T04E

    I bought too for my last build a gt3582 clone was amazing! Mind you I did not put allot of miles but plenty of people run them with no issues. You have to remember when Chinese Turbos first came out on the scene they used inferior materials and they never got balanced. The tarnished history takes allot to get back in the win colum however its still Chinese turbos you get what you get at the end of the day. There are some "better" chinese turbos apparently like CX and VS racing. Lots of the sloppy mechanics followers use the VS racing turbos 700-1000hp junkyard LSX setups too.
  6. softopz

    Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    Americans dont know about boxing day they have Black Friday though. I think its a British, Australian and Canadian thing . edit thats your crank case breather, on fuel injected cars it goes to the intake manifold with PCV valve.
  7. softopz

    adding pictures in a PM when using your phone

    I have noticed this too, It was available before.
  8. softopz

    Stronger motor mounts

    I just saw some custom mounts on facebook for an Lseries They looked quite nice I must add. I cant find it now but if you post on the z groups there you will see some .
  9. softopz

    Where to install Electronic Boost Controller

    No its just a step up for the barb you should be fine.
  10. softopz

    Where to install Electronic Boost Controller

    One of your pics scare me you dont want the harness through the turbo like that.. Did I not leave enough slack? I am referring to pic 2 btw. IM With Rossman here no on the heat shield. I would put the EBC on the side shock tower. I have mine there too.. Also if you dont want to run an adaptor for vacuum line , You can get the appropriate barbs for the solenoid I believe its a 1/8npt. You can plug one of the two turbo fittings never understood why Nissan put two boost referenced on the compressor housing.
  11. softopz

    Black Friday vendor deals

    15% off at www.Protunerz.com use code blacksale
  12. softopz

    Gollum's DD L28ET 75'

    Shes idling nice. I would get a wideband in there as soon as you can. If you need connectors, for coils , injectors or any of the sensors I have those in stock. With that much patch work I would go with full floors or atleast front one big patch it will look much better. How does it lookI know the 280 fuel lines run on the floor vs 240z so something to think about. How does it look behind seats?
  13. softopz

    Z32 manual transmission reverse issues

    I doubt the spring and ball would do that. Thinking there is something off inside ie synchro, or linkage issues. Whats strange is can shift in into the 2n and 4th rear gears so maybe its not a external linkage issue. Could it be wrong reverse switch maybe too long not allowing it to get in? I am just thinking out loud here with you buts thats where my thought process would be.
  14. softopz

    Gpop shop rebuild result

    Heat wrap does wonders. The stock turbo manifold heat shield between intake also helps thats what Im running.
  15. softopz

    Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    Love the idea looks great! Whats the name of the adhesive again I couldnt catch it .Tenser grip T65 ? This will probably help with those noise these panels always tick and rattle with minimal vibration! edit found it http://www.tensorglobal.com/home/
  16. Our first Sale and its coming on early ! Sale ends Monday Nov 26th 12am Take advantage of huge savings 15%off store wide. Use code "blacksale" or click this https://protunerz.com/discount/blacksale (Discount will appear in checkout not shopping cart)
  17. Shopify Payments is not processing credits cards, We are currently looking into it. In the meantime You can check out with Paypal (no fee for buyers) with Debit/Visa/PayPal Balance.
  18. softopz

    Gpop shop rebuild result

    Looks very good! its all going to be worth it in the end
  19. softopz

    Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    Hey Jeff enjoyed the updates. Just noticed you played around with the booster . Be careful of the "reaction disk" its just a rubber oring seal round donut seal thingy inside the booster didnt get popped of place..... If its not in place properly It will drive you crazy and you have rear brakes lock up. Make sure thats in the right spot. Good luck Edit oh if you do the 260z/280z dash its doable there is a bit of difference but you may want to get the matching middle console...
  20. softopz

    The making of Zilla Z

    I think SDS is a bit outdated for this motor. IT works and works decent but its pretty old school EFI I think its got like 6x6 fuel maps . ECU masters, Haltech and megasquirt are all good choices. Keep up the good work though
  21. softopz

    Hoke z32 trans adapter

    A friend of mine just got one from mazworks contact them and see.
  22. softopz

    Cant post in cars for sale

    I cant post my car in the forum is it locked ? I am a donating member if that makes a difference.
  23. softopz

    Triple Blowthrough Turbo

    IF im not mistaken the the thread is m10x1.25 on the manifold side and the turbo side its coarse thread 1.5
  24. Amazing as usual.. I dont want to be like Tony But I would love to see this thing with individual coils ehem ehem
  25. Well said I remember when I first started out about early 2000's when a l28et swap was sort of a big deal. There was also way less products out there *motor mount kits, suspension, drive train, and brake choices . Not to mention all the carbon fiber and exterior body panels. The bar is so high right now haha I love it lots of content and new ideas/builds. Street banditos is probably my favorite you tube Channel. The editing, the build and especially the chemistry of that shop very cool. I feel like they should be 1mil subscribers very under rated on YouTube. Team Boosted is another channel I follow good to see them moving up! You got my sub Jeff on youtube and facebook like! I am in Ontario, Ottawa to be specific would love to see this thing when its done! Goodluck Hussein