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Wipers only stay on for a few seconds.

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 This is a 75' 280Z. Wipers work for a few seconds then stop. This will occurr a few times and then not come on at all for a while. Any suggestions? I removed the wiper motor and ran it for a long time by connecting it to a battery. There was no load on it so may it be the motor itself. I have replaced the intermittent amp and still no change. I do hear a click from the amp right as the wipers quit but I think it is just shutting of as I hear the same noise when the wipers are turned on.

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Linkage bind would also be my guess off the bat. 

It might move freely, but keep in mind the torque source is going to apply an odd load as it twists as well as rotates so it may bind, my old motor kept blowing fuses when I switched to a single blade because the added load was just too much. You can look at the fuse and see if it glows as the wiper runs then you know it is near the amperage limit.

If it is not the linkage, then the assumption would be the motor. A DC motor will catch intermittently as the carbon brushes wear on it, so if you start on a good spot it will go if not it can be intermittent.

If the motor is good, then it will be the control "board" or wiring. There is a stop signal to signal the motor to come down to park the blades at the bottom if you turn it off up top. If that signal is being sent incorrectly then it could cause intermitent problems, alternatively it could be a fault in the harness, lord knows that can cause any number of unforeseen issues.

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