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280z VQ35HR Automatic Swap Questions

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What's up guys, been a while since I've been on here.  Since then I've parted ways with my RB25 swap and now have the opportunity to buy an '08 350z with the HR motor and auto trans for a good price.  This would provide me with almost everything I need for the swap.  I am planning to keep the automatic and upgrade the valve body with a Transgo kit, along with Works Bell paddle shifters.  


My first question is... What controls the automatic's shift point on this car?  The vehicle speed sensors on the diff?  I watched a YouTube video from ZFever where they did this exact setup in an s14, and they said that the vehicle speed sensor tells the trans when to shift.  Is this true?  I've messaged them on Facebook, but haven't heard anything back...


Second, if I use the Transgo valve body and paddle shifters to shift the car, will I even need to retrofit the vehicle speed sensors for this function?


And last question for the time being...  What are my header options that won't hit the steering shaft?  Or is it possible to use the steering shaft from the 350z?


...and the current status of my Z.  Stripped down for the cage build.





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Basically all the OE electronics including sensors and wiring will be needed to make it all work like a factory job. Everything interacts with everything else, so everything has to be there and available to work. Bugger eh.

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