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Looking for Dyno tuner for MS2

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I am in Asheville,  nc  and I have a ms 2 extra 3.3 with the wiring harness. I am currently running a jwt remapped ecu (z31) . i want to convert over to MS. for my l28et. I am willing to travel to Charlotte or Atlanta if need be . Any recommendations ? looking for someone with  a dyno, knows mega squirt and is familiar with datsuns. 


Dan Carroll 

[email protected] 

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Don't have a Dyno, but I do Remote Tuning for MS and Datsuns. Very familiar with both and have tuned quite a few NA and Turbo L28's on Hybrid-Z, Classic-Z and Church of L-series. My fee's are very reasonable and I can get you a very good baseline Tune that is Safe and reliable. For maximum power I always recommend a Professional Dyno operator. Preferably with some Det cans to listen for Detonation.  Load cell Dyno preferred. 


But I can save you a considerable amount od Dyno time and $$$ by setting up a good Baseline tune from the get go. Plus it is a great learning experience for you as you can follow along on your Laptop as we dial the Tune in.


One very reasonable Flat Rate price and I offer free after support with Data-Log analysis and Tune revisions. By the time we are finished, the only thing you should need a Dyno for is Maximum effort Full Boost runs. I always leave my Boosted Tunes a bit on the conservative side for safety. There are certain limits to remote tuning.  I'll PM you details 



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