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In Topic: Dyno Tune Day Today - 503 WHP!! :-)

A week ago

very nicely done car. Can we see some more detailed pics?

In Topic: 280Z Restomod Progress

2 weeks ago

Here's a teaser on one of my next mods: switchback led panels for the front turn signals. They will work as ultra bright white DRLs when I have my running lights on and switch to amber sequential turn signals when activated. They will have clear lenses, of course. Here's the link:


In Topic: 280Z Restomod Progress

2 weeks ago

Hey @Spooky_Intentions, it's really not that hard to do an all led conversion on your Z. There are a couple of very good write ups that explain it. Search "Datsun Z led conversion" on Google and you should get some hits. Most of it are just simple bulb swaps.

The net pockets are great for your phone, wallet, parking lot tickets, etc. They are simple and very cheap double stick tape add-ons from Ebay. Here's the link for those:


In Topic: 280Z Restomod Progress

2 weeks ago

oh wow, that is beautiful art work


Absolutely! This gut is super talented and a pleasure to work with too.

Beautiful car, some beautiful artwork too!


Love how you're putting in the effort even on the small bits :)

Thank you very much Jay. I think that sometimes we concentrate on the "big stuff" and leave the small details unattended without realizing that it's the smallest details which set apart a good job from a great one.

In Topic: 280Z Restomod Progress

2 weeks ago

I've been bit by the "Z art bug" and had this realistic drawing made by a very talented young artist in Poland. Thought I'd share with you guys on this forum as well.

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