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  1. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Datsun-240Z-260Z-280Z-ZX-TURBO-VALVE-COVER-L28ET-NR_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ33742QQihZ015QQitemZ250066863446QQrdZ1 Quick one ebay right now...... Avid
  2. I respectfully, partially disagree with above statement. With the information gained, We may be able to "fix" your street driven car to be safer...when driven in excess of normal speeds..Track days, extreme highway speeds. We all will gain benefit from the information.....Ah...to be as slick as a RX-7 on the track...Hmmmm.... And get better gas mileage..... Maybe a pipe dream ... David
  3. If it helps at 150 MPH, it'll help some at 75MPH....Not as much, but should be just has effective..., but there again, reduced lift will help everywhere? I'm interested in the comment BJ made about benefit, or lack of benefit of keeping air out from under car.... David
  4. Jon, I'm on the track as well....With a "low" HP ITS car.....not so low now.."Thanks Sunbelt". But seriously. if the lift in the rear can be reduced, or canceled, you now have what, 100 pounds you didn't have before? Without twice the drag? wing pushing down and deck lifting...... David
  5. Wings and things that hang out in the air create drag.....and sometimes downforce. I need less drag for higher top speeds. I would think that a huge wing creating gobs of downforce is great for traction when turning,or at 150 plus speeds and if you have the engine to push the blame thing down the straights...... Reduce the lift first, before having a wing pushing down. In my situation less drag is better then any amount of downforce a big wing could create, when a small ripple in the roof line may help negate the lift created by our sloping deck. Thinking out loud, to stir thought..something I'm in dire need of...fer sure. David
  6. Carl , I agree with your statements, but I'm interested as to why a couple of top drivers of both RX-7s and 240s would make claim of needing hatch to rise, helping to increase top speed....or have I been "misinformed/misdirected" david
  7. Hi Guys, I look forward to learning of results of all the tests of different appendages for our beloved Zs. I race a ITS SCCA 240z...basically stock car with few variations other then airdam in front, containing brake ducts, lowered a couple or so inches maybe. Over the last couple of years shooting the breeze with other z-guys, the topic of allowing the deck lid to be free to rise has come up from a couple of serious racers "Faster then me"...Now I have used a bungee cord last couple of years in order to free the hatch to "rise" if needed, but I haven't ever really noticed it moving. Does air going into side windows need a way out? Through the hatch? Dosen't make a lot of sense, other then the hatch rising slope, decreasing helps reduce lift? Would be a quick and easy test to prop up a couple of inches or inch. Here is a video of on track racing from a VW Corrado that was behind me, and I can't see any lifting of Hatch.....good look on 3-4 lap coming down front straight.....http://ww2.bildon.com/ARRC_2006_ITS_Race.wmv Good drive on Road Atlanta........If I only had a V-8, the Vettes, or red vette wouldn't have got me....... We need a baseline number starting without rear spoiler anyway I would think....Would be a quick change over. Does anyone know how long it takes this tunnel to cycle off and on? David
  8. I'm rolling the idea around about using horizontal antennae for radios just forward of hatch..... Splitters allowed, back to the front of wheel well Belly pans came with this car stock.....so they can be used as well. Should air dam extend outwards to wheel edge? Others? David
  9. Tedster, I gotta couple of rolls of yarn left over from my last afghan I can donate....I'm really interested in this endeaver. Building up another ITS car, ready to incorporate slickness into the process.....remember, I can't just toss in a big ol motor...... David
  10. Would be very interested in stock belly pan and splittersback to front of wheel wells..Wow, great idea. Uggh, and effect of turbulent stripps mounting cross front of hatch area... Couple of Ducks on the way.... David Spillman
  11. Hi John, The 240z will be one of the favorites at the ARRC this year for a change. John Williams is always strong at Road Atlanta, and he's so due for a win there. Guy named Huffmaster from up north will be back...He battled Wittle last year into the 1:39s for the first time in a race. RX-7 is really strong as well. BTW... VIR north course lap record thats been held by a unrestricted 325 since 04 was broken by a 240z last week. SCCA rarely races that configuration. Old Zs are still running, and I to agree they are now back in contention for car to have in SCCA ITS racing. Along with Rx-7 are the cars to have. Hyrid z Lurker... david
  12. Hi Guys, I feel the combination of belly pan/splitter should help my under powered Z on the track... As Mayolives said above, "challenge to load" I'm usually in rush to pack for a race weekend,rush, rush. and my last splitter was demolished, as JT1 would say, Forgetting to allow for front overhang....Sickening crunch...... Thanks Mayolives, I need all the help I can David.
  13. HI Tom/Mayolives, Would you happen to have any pictures of bottom side of splitter/air dam support structure? I've tried several times to build something substantial that'll last on the track with no success. Actually it's never made it to the track....Busted both splitters while loading, unloading on trailer. I run/ran a SCCA ITS car. Say hi to John and Mark for me at next track event. Those guys are quite fast... nothing looks quite as fast as a Z at speed, no matter the propulsion unit. David
  14. Wow!!! This is great, I list a diff for sale here , see my old car looking awesome, and get invites to drive 2 of the best looking , best driving & handling, powerful zs in the country.. I've been away too long... I've only "been in" zs 5 times during engine failure, 6 tranny failures, 2 stub axle failures..I am a safe driver..... But seriously , I may try and make the 17th as well with the race car...new engine, new suspension, I need a shake down run before racing anyway... If only Mark and John wern't soo tall they could drive my car as well..))) David Spillman
  15. Great Looking car John, I 've had several people tell me about that "sharp looking Z at the car show" last week or so here locally. Those brakes in the rear really fill up the space in the Panasports......When ever I get a chance, I'm taking you up on that offer to drive it a couple of laps..or 3 or 5. 6 gears? Rattle can..now wait a minute, that was Elijahs finest endeavor. David Spillman
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