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  1. tibbs.james

    James 85 Z31

    This update is pretty much DJZ's fault he is such a machine at turbo swaps that i felt so bad i went and worked on my car a bit more. Today I threw in the Flexi Bellows and the turbo feed pipe to see how it all goes together as an installed system. Hit a few snags with gearbox clearance so another minor change to the Y pipe but nothng serious One thing I noticed today is the clutch master line is getting in the way - but after a quick google a Navara one has the same cylinder but with the hose poking out the side like this. Turbo flange and engine mount The whole lot - just slip fitted together Clutch Master Scenario - the line is touching so thats no good Not shown but amazingly the heater lines do fit inbetween all of this Plenty of room for an exhaust through here - Note that engine mount has not been fully trimmed yet it needs another few licks with the grinder. Next job is to remove the Liner's from each flexible bellows, then do final tack welds in place Kids seems keen as for some tig work so hopefully he can smash it out for me once i get organised. Also got my final 100% finished version of intercooler pipes, one side has a million pie cuts but i think it looks great another job ticked off the list Jobs to do Weld flexi's into headers Rebuild Turbo Build downpipe and flange Build Oil Drain line work out some sort of position for the Greddy Blow off valve
  2. tibbs.james

    James 85 Z31

    Got a bit more done with the Oil Catch tanks and some plumbing details. Things are looking a bit tidier now
  3. tibbs.james

    James 85 Z31

    Made a bit of progress since the last update Swapped over the very twisted front bumper to a nice straight one, had a bit of an issue getting Non Bumper shock brackets to fit a "bumper shock" frame but some careful work unspotting seams and removing material revealed the correct holes ready to go ! After some frustrating test fits i have found the correct mounting position to allow it all to fit with an absolute minimum of trimming the plastic bumper. The mounting points have been removed, and new ones being welded in 3 locations. Once painted black it should allow a full stealth mode cooler. No holes have been cut in the bodywork, and mounting it requires no extra holes in the bumper either
  4. tibbs.james

    James 85 Z31

    Been a long time since i posted, so a bit of a picture update for you guys. Working in finishing up the headers i started way back. Modifying a 3" core inter cooler for shorter pipe runs and a 2.5 inlet / 2.75 outlet Built and installed the Jaycar Electronic boost controller kit Slapped in a Genuine good quality Autometer Sport Comp Boost Gauge Decided i needed a GT35 for some more puff and banged in a RZ wastegate for good measure
  5. tibbs.james

    James 85 Z31

    Been a little while since I posted any updates to my build. Lately i have been working on an Adjustable Rear Cross member. It has worked out really well, the bolts test fitted up very nicely and are now out for Zinc Coating, and finding some washers to suit the 13.5 shank diameter. I am hoping to get the rear camber down to -1.0 from -2.5 and get the toe back in spec to parallel or even toe in which i was not able to achieve earlier. I have also upgraded the rear springs to 8kg/mm from 7kg/mm it has helped the rear end squat a lot In the near future I am hoping to recondition these Z32 wheels for some sticky rubber for track days and such.
  6. I am having EXACTLY the same issue I too suspect the cross member, what is the procedure for centering up a cross member while everything is still fitted to it ? My thoughts were to loosen the cross member bolts and gently lift the engine using a hoist ?
  7. tibbs.james

    James 85 Z31

    Mitsubishi Lancer GSR inter cooler now mounted in place with spare Swaybar end link bushings. I'm thinking about doing some ducting to that inter cooler does anybody have any idea's on what material to use ?
  8. tibbs.james

    James 85 Z31

    Koni Damper Adjustable Shocks ASCO Camber Plates Jamex 5kg 220mm coilover springs, 120mm Steel Coilover Sleeves , and helper springs ASCO Roll Center Adjusters Urethane Bump Stops Now i have a totally Pimped front end, here is how it looks I'm really happy how these came out, off to welding soon hopefully
  9. tibbs.james

    Z31 aftermarket/oem suppliers

    These Guys are Awesome http://store.acadianasportscars.com/ For Camber Plates, RCA's Poly Kits, and all kinds of stuff And of Course Z31parts.com For Diff Mounts, Cam Gears, Motor Mounts and some other good stuff http://stance-usa.com/sus/ For Coil overs and Adapters And of Course MSA have swaybars as Do Nissanraceshop.com
  10. Hello to All I thought I would share my 300zx adjustable Spring setup consisting of the following 2.5" Coil over Springs in OEM spring Location 100mm Steel Threaded Adjusting platforms Spherical Ball Lower mount & spring seat Modified Control arms with oem spring perch cut off I wasn't happy with the typical Ground Control non-captive setup that i have seen elsewhere for the Z31. The other issue I hoped to solve was coil over springs binding due to the Upper and lower spring seat being quite misaligned. The 52mm ID Threaded platform sits snug on the Z31's upper mount. I then cut off the oem spring seat, cut out a piece of 3mm MS flat plate to reinforce the spring mount area and tacked it into position. I then mapped out the Center line of the upper spring seat onto the LCA so that i could see where to position the spherical bearing in the intermediate position so that no spring binding occurred. The spherical bearing mount is from a set of JIC Coil overs and is rated to take the weight of the car - the only change here is that it is mounted on the control arm. My Upper shock mounts have already been section and welded 30mm further into the car so that the shock still has plenty of travel without bottoming out. With a Trolley jack under the control arm pumped up until it lifts the car off the chassis stands The Measurements for Middle of wheel to top of guard: Standard height 300lb king springs = 440mm 180mm 450lb springs with keepers would fully down = 380mm off for tig welding and a NDT report on Saturday
  11. tibbs.james

    Oil preference for NWC T5 Transmission

    I use MT90 in the NWC in my Z31 and Highly recommend it It shifts really nicely, I use Redline for all my Gear oils
  12. tibbs.james

    Why did you buy a Z?

    I had been at work for 6 months in my first real job and it was time to get a project car. I was originally looking for an MA70 Supra and had trouble locating one that was complete or not wrecked, one afternoon my dad gets me to come over and he shows me the online auction with my Z31 pretty beat up and done 300,000kms with blown shocks a leaky manifold and brakes that didn't go. However the body close enough for government work and it was complete and it ran, i figured for the ugliest car i had ever seen but i went along with my old man to take a look at him. As a 17year old kid i sat in it, drove it down the block and figured it for the coolest car i had ever been in. I am now 23 and have only driven it for short periods during school, work, moving and getting married just recently. Its pretty slow and only does 5.5 to 60mph but its the only one in town and it makes a good sound when you stamp on the party pedal. I won't be satisfied until it can take corners like my E30 Bimmer could.
  13. tibbs.james

    James 85 Z31

    Had My Pentagon Hubs Machined into Circles to allow fitment of Z32/R32 280x30 Front Rotors & Calipers Even fits with 15" wheels if you use 20mm spacers Had a Look At the Rear Brakes too, being an early car it did not have the rear vented brakes, so i purchased some late style vented calipers and used some Jaguar rotors to make it work on the early control arm. Got Started on a conversion to a LOM59 Nismo 2 Way LSD Added a Z32 Finned Diff Cover and a Z31Parts.com diff mount While the diff was out I made a nice DS Safety Hoop Some Other Suspension Mods, Camber Plates & RCA's From Acadania Sports Car Made a solid Strut Brace and got a crack onto inter cooler piping, i had an old Galant/Evo VR4 core in good condition so I have used that for a start And Currently I'm taking a look into a converting to 2.5" Coilover Springs front and rear Made some Repairs to the front chassis Fabricated a brand new Lower half to match OEM from 1.2mm steel with additional reinforcement Did some panel beating on the old top and welded it back on All finished in Chassis Black So that's about 4 Years worth of build compressed into 2 Posts, hopefully that makes for a reasonable introduction
  14. tibbs.james

    James 85 Z31

    Hello to all I am James From New Zealand I have been enjoying lurking around and reading all the valuable information here on Hybrid Z, I mostly Post on Z31Performance.com. So Here is the very Short Version of my 300zx's Build Started with an 85 Slick Top turbo in fairly poor condition Got right into the engine build Along with that came a full rebuild of the Borg Warner T5, I had quite a difficult time obtaining rebuild parts but got there eventually. I also added a nice uprated clutch. Rebuilt Some Suspension Stuff Got Some Tuning Gear to go with Nistune Found a cool Steering wheel That another Z31 owner had for sale online Blew a stock turbo to pieces due to incorrectly set timing, so while i was in there I opened up the housing on the stock T3 for more flow and made some other plumbing improvements Added a Nice 40mm Waste gate to the mixture of parts, its an hks copy but has been rebuilt with a genuine diaphram and had the piston shaft lapped in for zero leakage. Out and about with its twin, a local 2+2 Non turbo Sorting out the sub frame and Trailing arms Nice set of Brand New Koni Shocks, I would have preferred Yellow Rears but I could not pass on this deal