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  1. go ahead and get the 7m, make sure that you install a metal headgasket and some arp headstuds or bolts, you will also have to get the fron part of the driveshaft so that you can have a custom driveshaft for the r154 made also do your homework on the 7m at supramania.com and don't forget to use the search engine
  2. so anyway i found a guy that will rewire and graft the jz wire harness into the z and he also custom makes front facing intakes for the rb25 if anyone wants his number just pm me and i will pm you his number
  3. so i am swapping a 2j into a 240 for a friend of mine and he wants to use the 2j stock wire harness instead of going standalone which he already has but since he will be living in california he wants to keep the 2j as stock as possible so i wanted to know if someone has done the wiring before and did not post it up and any info that you guys can send my way will be helpful he does not want to use a standalone but if i cant find any info on the harness he might have to
  4. well as you see the motor is in but i still have to drop the tranny to install cooler lines and then run them, i also have to get a flexible tranny dipstick and throttle cable for the car after that i install the driveshaft and then drive the car to the muffler shop to hace the exhaust connected to dlouis7 i tried to call you but no one answered and my area code is 904 and about the electrical i had a buddy of mine just tell me what wires had to be hooked up and i spliced them into the 280's harness which is mostly alot of power wires that go to the battery and to the accessories and since i
  5. if you are interested in getting some more power out of your 5.3 get the whole ls6 setup which includes the cam intake and springs and all this could be had for about 450 and also go to ls1tech.com and learn as much as you can about these engines because the possibilities of the 5.3 are endless and just to give you and example a buddy of mine has an 03 with the 5.3 with an ls6 intake headers 28lb injectors and a built tranny and he is running in the 11s so i know that the motor has a lot of potential and if you really want a serious tune just pm me and i will introduce you to the guy that wil
  6. well i am a couple of days away from starting my 5.3 and i am pretty excited , still have a little more tinkering to do and then clean up the junk off the car and then install the driveshaft and then i will drive the car to the muffler shop to have the exhaust connected
  7. the turbo will be on the driver side which means that your alternator will either sit really low or you wil have to relocate to the other side of the motor
  8. its an ls style block the intake will fit, you could take the intake from a 4.8l truck and put it on a camaro and it will still fit and i will post pics later
  9. i have a setup simular to the sts setup that is made for the camaro, in order to use the manifold i will have to cut the turbo flange off extend it about 3" and have the flange facing upwards so that the turbo sits on top and then have the downpipe run to the back and down near the fire wall which means that everything has to get ceramic coated so that the brake reservoir does not get too hot and then comes the passenger exhaust manifold which i have been researching and i think the best way to route this is down in front of the oil pan and up to the opening on the driver side exhaust manifold
  10. well i got the motor into the car and i started to test fit everything and would'nt you know it the main part of the turbo stuff does not fit so now i am left with either cutting the hot pipes and making them fit or selling this stuff and just making my own oh well,
  11. http://www.ls1tech.com very good web site great for parts and info
  12. well i finnally went and did it, i decided to put the baby ls1 with a turbo into my z a month before sez and now she won't be able to make it but i have been sourcing out parts and i am going to be ordering my mounts from johns cars tommarow and i hope to get everything into the car by the middle of this month, i got lucky and bought my hot pipes for my turbo from a guy on ls1tech.com and i also bought my tranny from someone on the same web site, a friend of mine gave me his old ls1 intake and i ordered my fuel rails today so they should be here some time next week. here is what my setup is go
  13. so does anyone out there know what the weight is for both of these heads if you do could you please post it for me thanx
  14. your sort of far away and i am in jacksonville florida and i am swapping my l28et with an rb25 and so its up for sale the engine has been rebuilt completely with an hks metal head gasket and the tranny is a t5 with a race built clutch and a pro 5.0 shifter and the whole setup has under 4000 miles on it but i would like to get 900.00 for the whole thing here is my number 904 860 8099
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