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  1. I have one that is in excellent shape, very smooth, pm me if your interested. I'm in Dallas TX
  2. I have a couple for sale, one with an external wg and turbo
  3. I've got 2 for sale in the parts section
  4. I have one for sale the parts forum
  5. I'd go with a Haltech, it works well, easy to install, very well supported and documented on the l28. It cost a bit more than ms but you get what you pay for.
  6. So what are the rules for warning other buyers about this person? I was sold an engine that was supposed to be a stroker L28et and once I got it home fount it to be nothing but a regular turbo engine and filled with metal bits. The work was supposedly done by a machine shop and professional engine builder, there is no way any professional ever touched this thing.
  7. I have one for sale with a metal headgasket
  8. Motul, all test prove its one of the best oils out there. Amsoil would be a close second. 85% of all professional race teams use Motul, from our test its worth every penny. $60 for 5qt jug is really not to bad considering we don't see it breaking down until 5-7k mi. I change my personal turbo car every 5k, and on our NA cars we usually change it every 10-12k mi.
  9. There was a Big difference between Phil's set up and Chris's set up. Chris's motor was fully built and had a Haltech $$$$, Phil's was meant to get the most out of a budget build and it did that pretty well. Chris has a ton of head work done on his L and that's the main reason for the power difference.
  10. What is a good price these days for a good used stroker V07 crank?
  11. There is another video somewhere that doesn't have the 80s techno music just the cars for a soundtrack, at the beginning it has a lot of close ups of the z. We somehow misplaced our copy for the past 10yrs, it would be cool to see it again.
  12. I use a sport 2k, its been flawless. The thing I see issues with in the MS system is the fine tuning. Getting a car to run is easy, but getting one to run like factory is where all the money is spent. That being said, the S500 is not a good fit, its a lot of work on a Z and not much different from the stock ecu. Id save the money and get the 2k. What are you wanting your engine management to do?
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