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  2. Thanks for the interest guys. Yes the belt drives are going to be a challenge, and frankly everything about the project will be a challenge, but that's why it'll be interesting. I can appreciate that not everyone is a 2JZ fan - it's yesterday's superstar, and it's had its day in the spotlight. It's still a very formidable motor, however, even if it is showing its age a bit. Although I've owned Supras continuously since 1989, I had drifted away from modified 2JZ's around 4-5 years ago and have been playing with supercharged Lexus V8's, but I always wanted to try to do something to sort out the 2JZ's lack of low end grunt. Maybe this will be the answer.
  3. I know the membership on HybridZ is all about doing interesting modifications to your Z's, and although I'm a Supra guy, nearly every time I visit here, I gain something useful. So, I wanted to share a project I've just started, which may also be interesting for your Z motors. It's supercharging the Supra's inline six, and eventually twincharging it, if the supercharger concept works out. We all know an inline six configuration isn't the cleanest model to start with for a Roots type install, as the supercharger needs to be very long to hit six intake ports, else a pretty crazy intake manifold must be built, which then makes it nearly impossible to fit the whole thing in a car. A centrifugal supercharger could be used, but they have power curves similar to turbo's, and both the Supra and Z engine already have well developed turbo solutions. So instead of using a single Roots supercharger, I decided to try to fit 3 little ones (the Aisin AMR500) and mount them as close to the head as possible. Here's a link to the project, which I'm calling "The 2JZ-GZTE Project": http://www.lextreme.com/forums/showthread.php?t=12373 (apologies in advance if I've violated any site rules by linking to another website, however I don't see the Lextreme site as competition to this one - rather they seem to complement each other.)
  4. Chelle, that certainly looks like one of Henry's, but I've seen nearly the same setup on one of the BMW tuner websites (albeit @ 2x the price!) Personally, I think exposed fuel rails down the outboard sides detract from the looks of ITB's. I wouldn't do it, especially on a car that "looks" the period like yours.
  5. Chelle, Henry is engineering his own setup now, based on using one of those pumps. Pricing should be a little better too. Drop him an email if you're interested. Did you ever put on a set of ITB's? John
  6. My motor is slated to go into a mid engine project (not a Lambo), but it's taking awhile to get built. It's an M70 which has an 850CSi crank & rods for more stroke, plus it's been overbored and sleeved to get a total of 6.0 litres instead of 5.0. The builder is currently trying to engineer an integrated oil pump / dry sump setup for it. Hopefully that'll be the last hurdle with the short block, and he can then turn his attention to the heads and the ITB induction setup. I'm probably at least a year away from beginning to build the car. What are you putting your motor into?
  7. Many of us who are using this engine are mating it to a transaxle box like the Porsche G50. Our projects are midengine based, like the Lambos, etc. If this is of interest, you can contact Roger Brown @ CMS (California Motorsports) who are now offering a complete adaptor and flywheel setup to bolt this motor up to a Porsche G50. PM me if you want Roger's email addy. HTH, John
  8. I'm 58 years old, and have gotten up and left a grand total of 4 films because they were so poor; this was one of them. My wife suggested going to it because it received a number of high ratings from "critics", including People magazine. That in itself should have been enough of a warning not to go. Cinemark cheerfully refunded my admission, and said I wasn't the first adult who thought it was total cr*p. They said it apparently appeals more to younger viewers' sense of humor. To each his own; this definitely wasn't my cup of tea.
  9. Richard, that seems to be the problem with most ignition coils. There's no way to evaluate them objectively. You won't find these coils in a Summit or Jegs catalog; nor are they encased in racy looking red or yellow plastic cases, but they get the job done. Have a search on http://www.efi101.com/forum/ using Mototron or IGN1-A and see what comes up. Alternately, contact your MoTeC rep, I'm sure he knows these coils as they're often the solution of last resort. BTW, these are not small coils; they measure around 115 x 90 x 50 mm roughly, and weigh around 450 grams, so packaging can be an issue. Javad Shadzi over at 034Motorsports has developed a unique way to mount these on the DOHC Audi motors: Best, John
  10. PMFJI, but 260DET have you checked out the Mototron (IGN-1A) smart coils? Specs & prices here here: http://www.bmepfuelandtuning.com/html/bmep_ignition.html No relation to me - just one of the places to find them on the web. Pantera EFI is another. HTH, John
  11. You guys are probably already familiar with these, but they're popular in the replica market. 8 spoke Minilite knockoffs: Available from TeamIII: http://www.team3wheels.com/ac/LT-price.html They also do a really nice Halibrand knockoff.
  12. Prestige Motorsports in north Houston will trim (not roll) your fenders for between $125 & $175. Have heard good things about them, but haven't personally used them (yet).
  13. Woohoo Chelle! 485 RWHP???? That's at least 75 RWHP higher than I would have guessed with stock displacement, and an unopened bottom end. You've put in the Schrick's, drysumped it, done some manifold tweaking and added the TEC3r, right? What about head mods, etc.? Was that with NOS, race fuel, or anything other enhancers, or just premium pump gas? At what RPM did you see your peak torque and peak HP? This was on a DynoJet? Congratulations & please post the dyno curves!!! John
  14. I hear ya Chelle and yes, it's Henry's setup I'm referring to. I think the cam prices are pretty dear, but the rest of it isn't that bad, considering those are all "installed" prices. For my Supra motor, I have about the same amount of money in the Manley SS valves, springs and titanium retainers, which I bought at builder level prices. I don't know that we'll ever get good cam prices because of the low volume. Maybe with a group buy......?? John
  15. Another update on cams & valves; I've found (perhaps) a better set of cams and roller valve train from a wellknown M70 builder in NC. Specs are: Duration: 245 intake / 255 exhaust Valve lift: 11.5mm Lobe centers: 110 degrees The cams are custom built; the roller components and the valves themselves are out of the M73 engine and the springs and titanium retainers are high performance aftermarket items. Since the cams are built for each application, duration and lift can probably be whatever the user wants, as can the peak power point. These cams and this valve train are designed to make power through 7500 rpm without float. Pricing for the whole thing will probably be between $6200-$6500, with the cams representing about half of that.
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