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  1. I'm curious where you pulled your measurement points to determine the "squareness" of the chassis. Don't give up man, it'll be worth it in the long run. If nothing else... think about the valuable experience the Z is giving you... -Cheers
  2. Chris, Pay close attention to the inside of the cowl... very problematic area on Z's. I've had to address rust in there several times. Also you will find a fiberglass patch around the driver rocker panel under the side skirt. I remember helping my dad with that when I was first learning how to glass. Looking good buddy... keep it up! Cheers.
  3. Pretty sure I changed the booster to an 83' ZX. Also... the steering column damage is related to the fire, not hydraulic leak. Cheers.
  4. Glad your enjoying working on her. She's finally getting some needed TLC that I just didn't have time for. Kinda fun watching my project get transformed into somebody elses project.... the circle continues....
  5. Project Phoenix bro? lol aight... your toy now. Here is a link to a previous thread she had. http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php/topic/95222-she-lives/page__p__895694__fromsearch__1#entry895694 Have fun with it man, can't wait to see it sideways -Ed
  6. looks like i started probing through the forms again just in time! Now I don't have to use my external trigger that was mounted to the A/C pulley
  7. I have not made any progress on mine. I still have to finish welding in the subframe from the 240sx before I even worry about wiring the HVAC. Haven't even touched the wiring on the motor in almost 2 years.
  8. Well i'm looking at running it on an N/A build with low boost. Quick response, more torque where it's useable. Not looking for a dyno queen, just alot of midrange torque... was going to drift this car a little.
  9. I'm finally getting around to building my turbo Z motor. I've had a T28 ball bearing turbo in storage I planned on using for this build. The CFM is rated about 450 max. T28 .60A/R Having a bit of trouble finding the max CFM for the stock T3 turbo that came with the turbo motors. Just wanted to know how much this turbo is going to outflow the stock one to decide if I should keep it or go with something else before I start welding up the header. -Ed
  10. here are some fabrication shots cutting out the rear seat rest only to find more hidden rust (what a surprise in a Z!) then cutting floor board for lower mounts Not the prettiest bead but it's solid. I was really proud of how well I fit this tube to the sheet metal. mocking up the mount, still fitting the down tubes. Now there are two holes... downtubes fitted and welded and 3/16" plate being welded. Plate tacked in place, trying to finalize where the mount needs to be welded to the plate. Make shift mount welded another photo of welded mount, hard to get in there with welding helmet on. I'm proud of it, was my first time welding something structural I guess you could say. I'll accept criticism, but please be kind. -Ed
  11. So I got kind of caught up in life and the Z was left neglected. She's been on stands for 3 years or longer when I started this crazy project. I finally did it though, S14 subframe into a 280z 2+2. Wider stance, disk brakes, CV upgrade, better suspension, etc. Here she is! Still alot of work to do but she is finally sitting on the ground again!
  12. I was always told this was a sign of a healthy motor when it pops on decel with an open exhaust. However the Z has some LOUD pops on decel, great info!
  13. Well true, but the stock design is also limiting to axle strength do to hub size, and the diff mount and lower control arms are subject to flexing under load. Either way man, that was a huge engineering project you tackled!! Kudos to you for making it bolt in even!!! -Ed
  14. That is truely impressive work and fabrication but I think I'm misunderstanding the purpose. You went through all that trouble just to use old school factory Z lower control arms? I'm replacing my rear setup as well and have been planing out cantilever suspension setup, but the whole purpose for mine is to have the car lower to the ground but still have correct suspension geometry and better travel. Either way an amazing fabrication project!
  15. Actually I have an S14 subframe mocked up in my 280z with the wheels centered. I used 240 struts, with 280z springs and top hats and mounted the strust in the oem location. With the wheels centered, the spring does not hit the side. Just FYI Also widens the rear track nicely about
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