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  1. Why can't I post anything to sell my z on this site.
  2. How do I put a car for sale on here

  3. I am running a stock radiator in my 240. The hoses I use are for a 1988 mustang gt. Trim the bottom one a bit on one end to fit and top one as well. They are perfect. And cheap. I am running old school v8 Chevy water pump intake on passenger side lower. .
  4. Well for the right price the 1970 240 in my sig pic is for sale.
  5. So what are you looking to spend. Everything is always for sale with the right price.
  6. My 70 240 after second build from carjacking.
  7. Just got a spool for an s13 short nose r200 put it right in my 87 turbo r200 29 spline 78 4 bolt hole stubs went right in . Works perfect.
  8. Same here would be all over a set if they are not molded with headlight buckets
  9. About 3 of my friends changed over to e85 all turbo cars. Great power and cheap price but now the have found they use twice as much fuel an are actually paying more. My suburban ca use it or regular fuel. Have only seen 3 stations here in so cal so far with it and in my suburban i get very poor mileage with it and basicly till i run the tank aslow as possible and put normal gas back in .
  10. Well i a in the power range your at and i have had 3 break on my z. That is with the carquest gold non greasable u joints. Strongest ones i have found. 1 broke at drag strip one at a stop light and the last one broke while just going down the street at 65 mph. Now i have cv axles from driveshaft shop rated at 1000 hp . I dont plan on having issues ever again with them. As of last week launched at drag strip on slicks and on a 200 shot of nitrous with no issues.
  11. Why do people keep asking stuff or posting on such old threads. Read the date on the last post. When 6 years old it is dead
  12. Stay away from those glowshift guages they are garbage. I purchased a full set of their tinted guages and none worked right and the company wll not do anything . They did say i can send them in and they will check them . Oil pressure showed i had 12 psi i bought all autometer after and oil now showes 51 psi. Temp showed car always about 40 degrees off either way it couldnt make up its mind. Before i could warn anyone not to purchase them a friend saw mine and ran out and got some and his dont work either .
  13. If you want gas mileage buy a Prius. Pretty sure no one on here built their Z for gas mileage. But to answer the post I have a GM crate motor Zz383 and an 850 cfm carb and 700r4 and 3.54 gears with 25.5 in tall tires and get 24 mpg hwy and about 17 city.
  14. Cuz everyone knows people with chevy parts have all kind of junk laying around. I happen to have 2 of them actually complete tail metal thing whatever they are called that go around the tail lights andhold the plate on .lol
  15. icewtr

    R200 spool.

    There are no issues at all on the street. I have another car with a spool and over 700 hp i drive all over when the weather letts me. Yes turning corners is noisy. I mean i wouldnt put one in for a daily driver.
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