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  1. Hi, I was looking for a set of maxima rear disc brake brackets. I would prefer oem not aftermarket. Let me know what you got. Thank you
  2. I got a e88 head, you can have it for $120. I am in California near Modesto
  3. i got clear tailights if still interested
  4. Here is what a set looks like.
  5. Is this what you are talking about?
  6. Hi I live in the central valley of California and I will be needing a 1970-1973 240z for pics. I need a car that is nicely painted, with good stance, some what of a custom look. Please PM with pics of your car and we can discuss detail of what I want. Please send one pic of you car with PM. I would prefer someone local , but i am willing to travel a little bit. Thanks in advance
  7. i got one if you are still looking for one
  8. This was a little while back, but on Ebay i saw a company selling brackets to fit toyota 4 piston calipers on the rear of our cars s30. Anyone remember them or have more info about it?
  9. Yes, you can fit the vented rotor 4 piston calipers in 15 inch wheels i have done it before. it is a tight fit but no rubbing. By the way it is cheaper if you just buy the spacers and source out all your other parts.
  10. 91iroc

    Wtb 240z

    what kinda of price range you want to stay in?
  11. not my stuff but i hope it helps http://dallas.craigslist.org/ndf/pts/2768220286.html
  12. i need a 82-83 280zx turbo distributor . let me know
  13. updats e car started and ran for a few minutes. and then shut off. did that twice and wont start again. any ideas ???
  14. i got new igniter assembly today for original 280zx turbo still same issue
  15. ok as on past thread " sounds stupid 240z help" heres a new issuse i have wired in the gm 4 pin module to bypass the original turbo igniter. my problem is now when i turn the key the car is not getting fire but when i let go of the key and the motor stops. it turns over one time like it wants to start up. i think the coil then finally shoots one weak spark out. i have full power to the coil while key is on position and while cranking. my injectors are pulsing , good solid battery , new chts , msd coil works better than the one in my mustang, any ideas of whats going on ???? 1973
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