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  1. About how much higher is the engine mounted vs the JTR? You can also run a mechanical fuel pump as well correct?
  2. Im planning on doing this for sure on my LQ4. Thanks for the great idea! Ron
  3. Anyone ever see if these headers will fit??
  4. Thanks Rusty! This is Ron I emailed ya a few days ago. Sweet car!
  5. I may end up not doing the sbc and going with a 5.0/T-5 combo. With the engine cradle style mounts... will the mech fuel pump clear everything?? Steering shaft?? I searched but could not fine anything. Thanks!
  6. Damn I did not know you were into Datsuns as well as Camaros! This is 6D9 from Lat G. After looking at your Camaro on Lat G I was totally hooked on its style and wished my "pretty boy" styled 69 was more hardcore looking like your car. So I picked up a project 240Z and planned a blacked out/ZG look liked your Camaro. Going to be a Streetfighter!
  7. Thanks guys for the info. Well I think for pure ease and budget Im going to keep what I have for now. Its a Summit 140GPH electric pump. Its a bit loud but Im sure if I run it with a return it will be quieter than the deadhead set up my dad was using. Most liely with a have the stock 240 tank sumped as well.
  8. Thanks Tony! Is the 280z gas tank/fuel pump a direct swap in the 240?
  9. Oh ok...so use a 280z fuel pump?? Im guessing the tank as well. The aeromotive fpr looks like it wont work. The low pressure spring is for 3-25 and high pressure from 25-65 or something.
  10. What stock efi pump?? An intank or external?? I have an Summit 140GPH pump here from my dad's old v8 280. But his was dead headed. Thing is I already have a nice Carter 172 mech pump with the nice filter and proper length pump to carb -8 line. Sure would be nice to have no noise and the reliability of a mech pump.
  11. I know you cant run the the mech fuel pump with the JTR mounts but has anyone fabbed any mounts with the V8 that will allow it?? This is with still keeping the motor set back like the JTR not Hooker mounts. I really cant stand the sound of the damn electrics and have a a nice Carter 172 pump at home.
  12. Way cool set up! I love it. May have to get that part # on that Muffler one of these days! If possible could you pm me your email address as to o would like to try and model mine somewhat to your car. Killer set up!
  13. I think the 1 3/4 may pick your combo up a bit but not much. They didn't on my 408 in my Camaro. Are you running 2.5" or 3" exhaust? X pipe H pipe or regular? Thanks!
  14. Thanks for the reply zfan! Sounds like a sick set up for sure. Mine for sure will be more budget but should still run well. Longtubes or shorts? 1 5/8 or 1 3/4 headers? 2.5 or 3" exhaust?
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