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  1. My Rb-r's came back from the painters yesterday. I got mine from Otomoto as Im in Australia. They only stock steel grey. I had them repainted in a deep metallic charcoal with white pearl. http://www.otomoto.com.au/showroom.htm
  2. My arms arrived yesterday and look great, thanks Zraceproducts. Must not be that far out in the sticks.
  3. Ha ha... Yeah sort of. Ha ha yaeh um I mean shortly in aus post time, maybe 3 weeks fingers crossed, Usually priority air mail advertised at 3-7 days to aus takes around 2 weeks.
  4. They look good by the way dragonfly cant wait for mine.
  5. Yes he rang this morning (last night there) and all is sorted out. They are on the way now. Thanks for the help dragonfly. I was'nt concerned about them being late as I expect to wait for these type of specialty parts to be made sometimes, but when I got no reply to my email then went to the site and it was closed I got a shudder down my spine as you would understand. But it was just a coincidence that his site was down temporarily. I am still happy with the service and expect I will be just as happy with the parts when they arrive shortly.
  6. I ordered a set of stage 3 rear arms on the 10th of december and paid for them and priority shipping to Australia (3-7 days) I still hav'nt received them or had a reply about them. Thats about $1000us. Now the website seems to be suspended and I have no way of contacting him. Could someone please PM me another way to contact him preferrably email.
  7. On the weight difference I havnt weighed either but although the stock setup is rather heavy I have lugged around many s13/14/r32/33/GTR/300zxtt brake and axle assembleys to be confident they are certainly heavier than the Z setup. But the other benefits outweigh the weight penalty in my opinion.
  8. I actually had a part very similar made early last year to suit the exact same parts except it is one piece machined to shape not welded. Mine is made to suit a bolt on coilover though like a s13 front, or as im using, a GTiR pulsar rear (probably called something else in US) I hadnt mentioned it yet as I havnt done any of the other bits like control arms, axles and diff cradle. Good to see someone else on the same wave as me. It looks good by the way.
  9. The site where the picture is from says it is a modified aftermarket lip. I have been to that site countless times, it has been an inspiration to me. What a beautiful zed. Sorry, he doesnt mention what type of lip it is that he used though, but I have done a small amount of research on it as I was considering the same lip myself, and it appears to be the common air dam with some of the middle cut out and re-fibreglassed. By common I mean the one you will see on most sites mentioned on hybridz.
  10. This is correct, I have a late '32 rb26 and it is not drilled.
  11. Yes it can, and excellent write up Boostd3.
  12. Thats the info from the other thread.
  13. I dont know which motor you are talking about but if it is a 26 I remember a thread that said you could tell by the engine number and it had the number that split the early R32 to the late R32/33 blocks. I cant think of any other reason you would need to know.
  14. Mine was a beautiful recently restored '71 240 when I bought it, no rust and drove nice. Tore it down within two weeks of buying it and stuck it on the rotissarie to build it right and put the '26 in. Been a year and a bit and still on the rotissarie.
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