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  1. looking to buy an obx center or entire r200 shipped to 95430 or picked up in norther to middle california. thanks for looking
  2. 6k (firm) for mine. Located up in the sf bay area.
  3. Go to this website and buy as many as you need. Running 2 in back right now with no extra work. http://www.performancewheeladapters.com/servlet/the-11/4x4.5-to-4x4.5-Wheel/Detail I did not try them on the front but I will pull em tommorow night and see if they fly.
  4. Ummm just to throw a curve ball to everyone here. My 75 280 has been barred for the 1968 camaro motor thats been lodged in it. So i'm not to sure about the newer engine thingy. And yes it has the bar tag on the door jam with the engine vin and all that fun stuff.
  5. Not too strange. If you flatten out the washers you have a large amount of play with the output axle gears (side to side). So thats how the case got chewed up. I am inclined to agree about the pinion bearing failure (I am rather abusive to it), but if the center of the diff is slamming back and forth as mine was it may help bearing failure along pretty substantially. I'm also pretty sure the flange being used as a grinding wheel was not helping. Ive had this unit in play for about 2 seasons now and this is the first hicup it gave me (and damn I beat this thing). I would buy i
  6. I can't argue with that analogy. The entire reason for this was to be within DB spec for the place I run at. When i'm not at the track the crap is removed. (2 min ordeal)
  7. Adding my .02 I just suffered a pinion bearing failure due to the washer orentation. My washers decided to flatten themselves out during my last AutoX and allowed the driverside output flange to start chewing out the case and put enough pressure on the ring & pinion to destroy the pinion bearings. Loud howling at 25+ mph. I could easily push the output flanges back and forth in the case. I replaced the washers and reorented them )())(()( for maximum resistance. I like the idea of a spring.
  8. It may sound restrictive but depending on how much you cram in there you can make it a pretty good balance. I still have that nice Chevy rumble but it took out the WOT scream. I ran my monthly autoX with it installed last last week and there were no flames (heavy guage stainless dosent burn like the normal stuff)and it's all still there. The only negative was I couldent hear the exhaust note over my screming diff at the end of the day.
  9. Need a good working r200 diff for my z. 3.90 would be great, I will happily pick up.
  10. mmmk I was exactly at the Bd level required. But that dident stop me from digging around and finding a supe cheap and easy answer to hwo to cut down the drone. Your gonna laugh. Stainless steele wool, jammed in the pipe with a mesh screen to keep it from shooting out. I found that depending on the ammount you stick in you can have it as quiet as a pos prius.
  11. I'm loking for ideas on how to silence the pair of glasspacks i have (mainly at Wot). The autox club ive been going to is now enforcing a Db lvl of 96 Db at 50ft.
  12. Had to pull my clutch today due to one of the springs in the actual clutch popping out and lodging itself between the throwout bearing and the pressur plate. So I thought i would share a pic.
  13. thanks I find the clash calms me down for the drive (reminds me of hooning cars back in highschool). On a side note that video is banned in germany thanks to sony LOL. Again i have 28" packs if i were to do it again i would at least go 30" to 32" if i were to drive the car often. As it sits i take it out once or twice a month and scare the children and small animals.
  14. LOL the 117 post is a guy i know from ESCA (empire sports car assosiation) he lays down some damn fine times with that car. I don't know the rims off the top of my head but when I see it in april i'll make a mental note. You can see more pics on thier website http://empiresportscar.org/
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