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  1. I'm about to put mine on the market: http://fisheyepix.smugmug.com/Sports/My-Datsun-S30/17213588_pCpnKc#1306001045_Jh4gC76 832-876-7685 text me an offer. I'm in Houston. New Bushings, New Exhaust, New Stance Coilovers, New wheels, and Tires. Stock L24 Headlight Covers and Victory Wing
  2. Let me see if I can get under it, but with my size tire I HAD to roll the fender, and I'm slightly stretched.
  3. Zhunter, no I meant since you already have the rear two wheels. I was thinking, remove the rear driver side, remove your front pasenger side, put rear tire on front, and level car on the other side with your jack. Just to see how 17x9.x fit on the front if you're rocking overfenders and these wheels. I'd wait until the day you drop it. I'm guessing it'll look like my fitment but with overfenders, and maybe more tuck.
  4. Hey Z hunter, look'n good! Do you plan to drop it? If you do, throw one of the 9.75" on the front just to see what it looks like.
  5. If you're refering to my pix, not at all. I've got a new exhaust if they need additional rear pix. Shoot me a note at Alex@DailyDrifter.com if you need any additional info.
  6. I wasn't sure about the wheel either, but once I mounted them, the car looked pretty tuff. Granted, a dropped Z probably looks tuff with any wheel. Oh and yea, I agree I don't know what the silver version will look like on our cars. I opted for black in the event the wheel was not flattering for our body style, it would at least hide the wheel a bit. So far I'm loving them, not to mention the stance and wheel combo breaks necks every time I drive it, even the old guys. lol
  7. Couple of pix before I installed the new exhaust:
  8. Anyone else running 527's? If so, post pix. I'd like to see what other cars look like with this wheel.
  9. Thanks! When I get a chance I'll do a proper shoot. I'm getting the exhaust done right now. So I'll post pix of that when I get it back.
  10. Hi guys, I'm sorry I'm a pic h0r3, I know... I shoot on the side and the Z is always fun to shoot.
  11. Thanks guys, and yes the car feels "normal", for a lowered car, in contrast to when it was delivered.
  12. Some pix I took today on my street during lunch :
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