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  1. Thats a really fun read. Like going through time but really compressed!! Ha! Most of the "next time" things in your article have been suffered through by thoes before you. But I'm so glad to see that not only did you have the fortitude and patients to get through it, but the machine shop and other resources to add options as well. I used the famous Ansil (sorry if my spelling blows) cross member and stuffed precision gear LSD guts into the diff. Other wise I fell inline with your build. Dont get me wrong, still not finished. Needs paint and interior. We have a two year old daughter and made a move out of state right before that. Blah, blah. Beautiful Z mang. Very nice. Thanks for the info. That was fun.
  2. My prayers go out to you Doc. I sincerely hope for the best. Ive been there. It can go to chit in a heart beat. But it can be a worthy fight. Good luck to you.
  3. Working, working, and more working. I will knock off early each day in honor but, the cash is the only critter I will be hunting or fishing for. As for after hours, I will pursuing my regular power chilling. Team imbibement!! Enjoy boys!
  4. Hydraulics can be a real fargin eyes hole huh. Darn cork sugger. I mean Jeeez....you know....the son of gosh....
  5. I take off for a year and come back to see a very familliar topic. Some folks you just cant reach. As it is said. As soon as I drag The Z up here with me I'll hope to be cussing once again. Havent needed any info up till now. But I do enjoy the tool shed every once and a while. There is a tool born every day huh? You boys keep up the good work, it is most apreciated.
  6. Thats mighty generous of you Doc! We did get alot of response from the administration. I will admit that when searching, often I have to weed through alot of info due to the multiple posting that has ocurred in the past. Still get what I was looking for. Us Ford freaks have to do a little more digging, but it's there. Lets not do the Ford Chevy thing boys...... Thanks for your hard work gents. It is greatly appreciated.
  7. Being somewhat busy these days, coupled with the fact that I have read and searched and printed and foldered thousands of hints, tips and even blueprints from the Hybridz site, I dont get to view as often as I would like or need to. I do, however, always check the Tool Shed for a peek at the latest violators of rule number 2. It's amazing how the questions keep rolling in like a perpetual motion machine. Congrats to BRAAP who has been hammering the noobs mercilessly. You are the terminator baby!! Search and ye shall find boys!!
  8. Por-15 is a pain in the ass and spendy. Only a touch better than a good paint job. Masterseries Coatings. It wil even stop rust from advancing with out removing the rust. It has been protecting bridges for years. And you can paint on it like a regular primer surface. It is awesome stuff. Just dont get any on your paws. You will be wearing it for days! http://masterseriesct.com/
  9. Howdy! Welcome to the great state of Texas. Bring your guns? They can get some air down here! Have you driven down a county highway yet? People in front of you that are going slower than you will pull over and let you by. And wave to ya too! God bless texas.....
  10. OK Whats up. Ive been gone for a week or so. I start searching for the wind tunnel thread. Cant find it. Is this suddenly a big secret. What did I miss?
  11. Cad plated hardware will work with all types of applications. Stainless will work with most applications. Especially if you use a sealer with them. Bare steel will corrode aluminimum in a hurry. Grade eight with cad plate....winner.
  12. Whats wrong with options? Ask any racer to be disallowed the option to utilize camber, he probably wont race the car. You can set up the camber for forward bite at the track. Have it premarked for the street and slide it back. It only takes a few moments per side. How fast do you want to go?
  13. If one makes one living with ones tools. Buy the best that one can afford. For projects, HF has saved my ass plenty of times to give them value in my book. The cash you save.....goes into the project. Buy high quality drill bits, cresent wrenches, torque wrench ect. When it comes to hammers, carts, auto body dollies, engine stands, cherry pickers or even a chop saw, save your money and get HF. That is unless you have an expensive tool fetish. I have an HF stand. Its perfectly adequate for the job.....
  14. Hot dang. Spoon fed by John!! Many thanks John!! I'll take my PDF and step off. Sorry if it was slightly off topic. But hey, maybe our ZX buddies can get some info out of it. I titled the post for future searchers. Thanks again. Im heading to the garage.
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