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  1. It will fit in the tunnel, however dont know about with your mounts....
  2. Adam

    Wide 17" wheels

    I am going with the yz widebody. So I would say up to 13" wide depending on offset. I am trying to keep it to a 4 lug if possible.
  3. Adam

    Wide 17" wheels

    Looking for 16's or 17's forgot to mention
  4. I am going widebody and will be in need of some wide wheels. Just seeing if anyone has anything before I order a new set. You can contact me @ 850-529-627two
  5. Does anyone know what the stock sending unit ohms out at? we should be able to use a drop down ohms resitor. I am going to start looking into this because I want to keep my stock gauge in my car. I had to go to a fuel cell when I did my ford 9" conversion. Adam
  6. I was wondering if all of those that have done a straight axle conversion might/would post pictures and comments of their conversions. I am looking to start mine soon and have been exploring all the options for some time now. I feel that if we made a thread that combines all of these in one this might make it easier for others to do the conversion if they like. The setup that I will be going with is a 4-link with a panhard bar. For my build I have chosen a ford 9 inch for my conversion over the common 8.8. I will be ordering parts starting tomorrow for my build and look forward to seein
  7. Well here is it labeled for you, and 220 is too hot for a carbed 302 engine my temps never ran above 185 on my 347 remember where your thermostat is set...... if the cooling system is functioning correctly then it will at most be 5* above this.
  8. Of course it was raining here when I got off, I will try again today.
  9. Yeah I slacked on that yesterday I will try again to snap a pic when I get home.
  10. I will take a picture of my setup maybe it will give you a guide line of the routing. I will try to do this when I get home and put up a link.
  11. I would be as well hence the fact that both of us that have replied, the cross flow radiator will help with your cooling you will also need a shroud to help with the cooling I made mine out of fiberglass. And the way that you have on your waterlines I don't think will work.... that port that is on the thermostat of your water neck is a water by pass. This creates circulation of water before your thermostat opens. In my personal opinion find a fitting that will fit into the original water ports, they make some lower profile ones. If this still does not work then I might would look into a differ
  12. One thing that you need to check is that your water pump is turning the correct direction. The serpentine water pumps (because they are supposed to use the back side of the belt) turn the opposite direction as the old v-belt configuration. I would start at this point (get an older 302 water pump, because of the direction that you are turning the water pump). As to the heater line ports, the top port runs into the water neck on the thermostat, the second one runs in to the heater. The other side of the heater core runs into the port on the front-top side of the intake..... this port should be l
  13. Probably about 30k in mine and of course still not done. As a matter of fact was going to turbo it within the next month but now I am having problems keeping it cool. Any suggestions on a radiator for a large cid s30?
  14. bringing this thread back to life again after reading for hours about how to keep the car cool. X64v did you ever get any results or has anyone figured out anything different? Im thinking about pulling off the inspection lids and seeing how much of a difference this makes.
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