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  1. joa_taste

    1j-vvti/Ar-5 Build

    Ill look into the rad fans.Also ill look at bleeding the system one more time as well. those are the ones with 1750cfm? Thanks for this bro. Ill start looking into turbos for this. I found a pretty good deal on a barely used Gtx3576r. I think 600rhp is pretty much the highest hp i would like to see..if possibly on pump. what injectors are you running? did you go top feed fuel rail with one single feed?
  2. joa_taste

    1j-vvti/Ar-5 Build

    Eyy thanks Seattlejester. Definitely look into it. Was put off by that fact as well but its one of the MB's most reliable motors. Hmm... what fans are you using? is your setup constant or does it come on at a certain temp? I have mine set to come on at 180. Im also in 110+ degree weather, plus my FMIC is blocking the front. Maybe Ill try and rebleed, but i've tried that as well. No, im really wanting to stay on pump if possible. Yes that. I meant Gt3582 sorry, thought that was a quicker spooling turbo. maybe the BW s360?
  3. joa_taste

    Exposed's 1jz Build

    Agreed Looks good 👌
  4. joa_taste

    1j-vvti/Ar-5 Build

    Fellas sorry it's been so long. Almost a full year since i've posted. Since then i've just been tinkering with a little here and there things, small little gremlins and such. (Runs a little hot during the summer, might get a better fan setup) what is everyone else running for cooling? - still have yet to get the R8 coil packs installed, my wiring guy has been pretty busy with drift events. (Hence why i've kinda just been slower with this car lately) But with boost season coming around the corner i've got the itch again 😅😅. I did however get the car tuned, by a pretty reliable source. He told me my current wiring guy wired the 3.5 map sensor backwards. Which is why the car was running so crap. 🙆‍♂️ This wasn't a dyno, strictly a street tune. Tuner says it should be somewhere in the 330s hp. Anyways, since then the car has been totally drivable, no issues. looking at getting into bigger numbers now that i've gotten the gremlins sorted. Bought another daily E55 AMG, and that thing hauls... I made the mistake of buying something the Z can only keep up with until fourth gear sooo...🤦‍♂️ Looking at going for 550rwhp on pump. -Heres the set-up im Looking at going bosch1000cc injectors, GT3528r twin scroll, FF exhaust manifold, bigger fuel pump(still looking into), and external waste gate...Thoughts?
  5. joa_taste

    1j-vvti/Ar-5 Build

    Yeah i've seen a few bad threads about the audi coils. Then again I've seen some good ones. Doesn't seem like it leans more toward negative feedback. I get a lot of compliments my man. They look good, your new wheels look good on your car tho.
  6. joa_taste

    1j-vvti/Ar-5 Build

    Yes, they are smart coils from what i've read. This is what i've read that had most info about the R8 coils. Seems like the GTR guys use this a lot. I've found more info on their forums than, on xjz forums. http://forums.gtrcanada.com/forum/all-things-skyline/general-skyline-tech/65776-ls2-truck-coils-vs-audi-r8-red-top-coils How do you like IGN1A's? I like how cheap the Audi coils are, and the availability.
  7. joa_taste

    1j-vvti/Ar-5 Build

    Update** Sorry guys haven't posted in a little while, been somewhat busy with work. Anyways worked on the Z here and there and heres what I've done. Figured out my overheating issue, it was something dumb like i figured it would be. And I didn't figure it out until i was out of town of course lol. Basically radiators, for the most part come in from the top and trickle down to the bottom, which we all know. Come to find out our radiator, well my radiator is cross scroll. Meaning it flows from left (Inlet from engine) to right (outlet to engine) Didn't even know that were a thing. Anyways both my inlet/outlet were on the same side, so in theory it wasn't even acting as a radiator, more like a glorified surge tank. Ran into my wiring guy at the drift event this weekend, streetdriventour, and he said he know it was he cut it open and welded a divider plate in the middle to make it act as somewhat a hybrid top/bottom side scroll rad. lol Didn't really workout to well, so i had it welded and put back on the stock plenum. I had thought over buying a new one, but it worked perfectly fine with the stock L series so i kept it at that. Added a mishimoto oil cooler, now idle is about 170-Fish, and street driving is 185-200-F. I got a sandwich plate from suspicious garage, super easy install, basically removing your oil filter putting the sandwich plate in its place and screwing it back into the stock position. Also came with a oil thermostat that opens at 165F. I mounted the cooler to my front bumper, made some brackets and used muffler u clamps for support. It gave it a nice firm feel, doesn't move around is very secure. 10an fitting of course from summit. Made a shift bezel to take away in-cab heat, and cosmetic look. Used a rubber shift boot from a mazda miata 1994 i believe. And went to home depot for some sheet metal, cut accordingly to my liking and riveted the bezel on. I really wanted to reuse my stock center console, but with the shifter being so far back, or further back, and my hydraulic brake being right there. I thought against it, and sold it. Picked up some Takata harness' from a local. I got the pair really really cheap from a fellow Z enthusiast, Come to find out they are real, just expired, but made for a roadster, so they are also real short lol. The eyebolts for the wastestraps go into the old stock seatbelts, but the shoulder harnesses are way too short to hit the ground. Kinda pissed off for a second, but figured i would get a inch thick bar to be welded in the back to where i can put the eyebolts onto. A project for another time. Next proj will be 1" Willwood Master cylinder, 280z brake booster upgrade. My brake booster is failing, and I feel like my brakes should feel a lot better than they do. I remember i never upgraded from the stock MC. Like i said earlier, I drove the Z out to the speedway to watch some friends at the drift event. I got quite a bit of love out there, had seen someone post pics of the Z on instagram, and they gave me all the pics they took of it. Hope you guys enjoy. I kinda wish he got pics of the full car. actually just found another pic on IG. So just about ready to tune it, and i run into the next issue. lol fix one thing, another breaks..Its a vicious cycle. Anyways my wire in the #1 cylinder port is really finicky. Come to find out its got a hairline crack in it. So it'll run fine then when it wants to it'll run crappy. Did some reading on a few forums to see what others have done, and read this is a common issue for our motors. Did more research and read about the "wasted spark" system the jz series has. Meaning 3 coils feeding 3 wires. Found there are multiple options for both keeping it the same type of wasted spark system I.E 1jzz, or the super spark upgrade. On the other hand i could go to something like x6 coil setup. I.E Audi R8, or Lq9 from the Ls. First thought was to buy one wire from someone locally, or online just to get the car to tune. I figure if i change one i should change them all, so the lifespan is somewhat the same. If one is crapping out, then another is probably going to...atleast with my luck lol. Then thought about buying the superspark upgrade and paying for it once and done. But i've read in drift works sometimes they end up having the same issue. Also considered buying brand new for them, but for cheaper i could get the Ls series or R8 style. I really like how the Ls series sits outside of the plug tunnel and comes with its own ignitor, making the capability of running without the stock Jz ignitor. (read this can only be done with an aftermarket ECU, then again read elsewhere stock ECU is fine) so not sure what to believe there. A lot of guys are running the LQ9 coil pack enough to where there is a bit of info for the swap. Cx racing even makes a bracket for the new wires. I honestly have been leaning towards the R8 coil packs. Brand new you spend 172$ for the six and can be had at most part stores for around $20 - $30 new. Theres mixed reviews on this route, but most are good, even the rb26 gtr guys run this setup. My wiring guy gave me a great price on install, and also runs this setup on his. He said he really suggests this, and from remembering from an earlier post he mentioned switching out the coil packs before going to a bigger turbo system. Here's what I'm looking at, let me know what you guys think. https://www.ecstuning.com/b-genuine-volkswagen-audi-parts/ignition-coil-priced-each/06a905115d/ Filmed a vid to show you what the car sounds like at the moment, where my wideband is, and the faulty wire i talked about. I think this is the first vid i made with the GoPro i got at my company christmas party.
  8. Just wondering if anyone can share some pics of this particular setup. Just picked up a couple of harnesses, want to get an Idea of what to do. T3 has pics but my harness isn't like a wrap with Lv10 brackets, I have the bolt in eye bolts/clips on my harness. If anyone has pics, or can point me into the right direction of getting more insight. Tried to search but kept getting error issues, think maybe the site still has a few maintenance issues. Thanks
  9. joa_taste

    1j-vvti/Ar-5 Build

    Lol move your cell like mine, come to the dark side lol
  10. joa_taste

    1j-vvti/Ar-5 Build

    Hot: as in norm is 180-210 degrees F, and I'm creeping passed the 230s. No oil in the coolant, and vice versa. Lean: Im in the higher side of the wideband while on throttle the few times I've driven it. I definitely know I'm not running rich, so its more of an assumption. My overflow reservoir is tubed out from the swirl pot, kinda tucked between the rad hosing and IC piping. Its definitely air tight, its sealed no leaks from anywhere, thinking its just a timing thing now. Thanks man, definitely was a better move upgrading to this setup. My bad yes its Nylon braided. Remember its almost to the bottom part of the car but not on the bottom.
  11. joa_taste

    1j-vvti/Ar-5 Build

    Started to finish the hardlines then thought of the long run. Kinda got stuck with going to the stock hardline on the chassis to my hardlines..So after really thinking about it for a second, I switched to 8an fittings with 8an steel braided hoses. With that said I ran my lines to the driver side tranny tunnel of the car. My first plan was to remove the stock lines and run them the same route, but I thought against it and ran my lines elsewhere. I attached it to the bottom part of the tranny tunnel, pretty happy how it turned out. So my map wasn't the issue at all, it was actually the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) the three wires that go into the sensor, there was one wire that wasn't getting a connection. After taking the sensor off and resodering the wire, it fired right up. Amazing what one wire could do. Car is up and running now. Im running a little hot tho, and a little lean... So i checked the cooling system, only had water in it. Switched over to the Zerex asian RED coolant (a lot of people swear by this so I checked it out.Burped the system. Still running hot. Remembered I never changed my therm. So i got the mishimoto one from driftmotion. Still running hot. I know for sure my timing is probably a little off. Gonna have my wiring buddy come over with his PC and check the ECU out. So i've kinda been cleaning up wiring a little bit, and small little knick Knacks here and there. Driving it around little bit it feels really really good, even untuned feels very strong. Ill be taking it back to the shop early next week. Side note sold my Daily today. A little bittersweet happy its gone but sucks to let it go. Couldn't stand how low it was. Anyways anybody running the T3 camber arms? I kinda wan those. Want to run some negative degrees in the rear. Just a little bit lol.
  12. joa_taste

    1j-vvti/Ar-5 Build

    Seattle jester you always got me rethinking things i've already done lol. but i always dig the input. Yeah its a street car, i know some type of cage is in the future. i feel like any hard contact with anything my car would be toast.
  13. joa_taste

    1j-vvti/Ar-5 Build

    I've seen a few people do this. I like the idea but i chose to go another route. Keeping the factory filler was the main thing that I wanted to do but thought against it, when it came to doing my fuel system. I rewired it prior to the swap to its own individual route. Just wasn't hooked up. I jumped it off the signal light on the OEM headlight switch.
  14. joa_taste

    1j-vvti/Ar-5 Build

    Hmm touche'. Didn't think about that. Figured the car would be too loud to hear the slosh and dribble. After the cars on, I can barely hear the fuel pump. This is why I need to get a full cage, and possibly a bash bar in the rear. Still waiting on the fuel straps.