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  1. Nurgleton. Thank you for clearing this up. I fully didn't research just assumed, and since im running OEM LCA's i would've had to do the same. Which in the grand scheme of things isn't the worst of fabricating options.
  2. All good bro. Sometimes putting these projects on the back burner is a good thing. It’s looking really good tho. hmm I’m excited for these r888s tho. I can’t wait to see what the hype is all about. I have looked around and sourced out a few options. I think the Mark Nickel adapters with the OEM stylnCV axles from the Z31T are the route I’m going to go. I watched a ZED video of a couple doing a swap on their LSX Datsun on YouTube and was kinda turned off they had to notch their control arms because the adapters were too large. This was with the DSS cv axles. wolf creek I heard wont support high HP. I mean I’m not crazy in the numbers but I don’t want to do things twice if later in life I get crazy. but I’ll definitely post what I do in my thread if I go the z31T route.
  3. Yeah I was looking at Cj caves. Theres a maroon RB25 280z on youtube running cj caves adapters with rockauto axles. This sounded appealing until i couldn't get ahold of CJ Cave and found out the rockauto axles aren't as durable as the OEM. Are you running RA axles or OEM? Im going to try and get ahold of this guy Mark. I am really leaning towards this route. This! Thank you for this. Ahhh I see. The thing is I bought a OBX LSD for the r200 and changed out the internals... Long story short I broke my diff and bought a Quaife.. So unless you're saying the ford 8.8 is compadible, i am sticking to this r200 for the long run. Wish I knew this before going from the r180 to the r200. Thank you for this tho, great info buddy.
  4. Thanks buddy. Feels like it's been awhile since i've posted. Hahaha. I feel like it's a mild turbo. Was looking at precision, and the GTX35. But jeez so much money.
  5. So been a little slow with the upgrades. Was really on it and inspired for a little bit then ended up letting that flame die slow. But since it's somewhat warming up, im starting to feel it again. Few months back i decided to give the Z more power. Since the z was pretty much stockish, other than a FMIC, turbo elbow, and ECU. I decided to buy a few goodies, and piece together a turbo kit. -s366 borg warner 91 trim -future fab turbo manifold twin scroll -dual tial 44mm wastegates -Bosch 1000cc injectors The goal was to try and get really silly and make it to 650rwhp on e85 cams valve springs retainers all that jazz. But then i started to think about that much HP for what my end goal of the car would be. So with that said now im more looking at doing a more mid to high 400's / low 500's on 91. A few pics for a little teaser. Did some preventive as well. Headgasket, FM seal, cam seals, oil seal.... So much seal lol. Anyways Kinda looking forward to support these new mods before I hit the road again. Im in need of halfshafts and rubber...bad. Looking at doing the CV adapter upgrade from Driveshaft shop, or wolf creek.. Or maybe even the z31. As for rubber im really looking into the r888s 225/50/r15 (My specs are 15x10.5 all around -40 i believe) Anyways looked at a few rides with this set up. It'll be a very minimal stretch. Wasn't wanting to stretch tires, but also wasn't wanting that bubbled tire look. This guys on (See below) this is more practical. Ill probably end up running this guys rear all the way around maybe. Blue car is similar specs as the red car (225/50/15 front 235/50/15 rear) Panasport G7-C8S15x10 -40 Front15x11 -70 RearToyo Proxes R888225/50/15 Front 235/50/15 Rear But then there's this dude who is really running stretched r888's which i didn't know was possible until now. Sexy to me, but unpractical for what route im thinking of going. 15x9.5" -15 front, 15x11" -25 rear Volk Racing TE37V wheels; 195/50R15 front, 205/50R15 rear Toyo R888 tires
  6. Running into a few issues with my halfshafts like most are. Since im running a little bit more than stock hp on my 260z, i am needing something a lot more beefy. Looking for something that can hold close to 700-800hp on an r200 diff. 29 spline Westcreek (good but is this rated for that much rwhp? read a thread where the OP ran into issues with the install.) Driveshaft shop ( Probably going with this but i hear the actual adapters rub on the control arms? is this true, will i need to notch?) Also heard you run the risk of bolts unthreading? how is this possible? z31 axles w/ adapters ( thought i would go with this route, but was pointed in the direction of CJ cave and he never replied back) Let me know your thoughts, just want to do this right and once. Without breaking the bank.... If i don't have to . Joa
  7. How goes it? Wondering how youre liking your r888's? Also have you thought about upgrading your half shafts yet to CV axles? Wondering what you were thinking about running.
  8. How did this work out for you? still running well?
  9. Ill look into the rad fans.Also ill look at bleeding the system one more time as well. those are the ones with 1750cfm? Thanks for this bro. Ill start looking into turbos for this. I found a pretty good deal on a barely used Gtx3576r. I think 600rhp is pretty much the highest hp i would like to see..if possibly on pump. what injectors are you running? did you go top feed fuel rail with one single feed?
  10. Eyy thanks Seattlejester. Definitely look into it. Was put off by that fact as well but its one of the MB's most reliable motors. Hmm... what fans are you using? is your setup constant or does it come on at a certain temp? I have mine set to come on at 180. Im also in 110+ degree weather, plus my FMIC is blocking the front. Maybe Ill try and rebleed, but i've tried that as well. No, im really wanting to stay on pump if possible. Yes that. I meant Gt3582 sorry, thought that was a quicker spooling turbo. maybe the BW s360?
  11. Fellas sorry it's been so long. Almost a full year since i've posted. Since then i've just been tinkering with a little here and there things, small little gremlins and such. (Runs a little hot during the summer, might get a better fan setup) what is everyone else running for cooling? - still have yet to get the R8 coil packs installed, my wiring guy has been pretty busy with drift events. (Hence why i've kinda just been slower with this car lately) But with boost season coming around the corner i've got the itch again 😅😅. I did however get the car tuned, by a pretty reliable source. He told me my current wiring guy wired the 3.5 map sensor backwards. Which is why the car was running so crap. 🙆‍♂️ This wasn't a dyno, strictly a street tune. Tuner says it should be somewhere in the 330s hp. Anyways, since then the car has been totally drivable, no issues. looking at getting into bigger numbers now that i've gotten the gremlins sorted. Bought another daily E55 AMG, and that thing hauls... I made the mistake of buying something the Z can only keep up with until fourth gear sooo...🤦‍♂️ Looking at going for 550rwhp on pump. -Heres the set-up im Looking at going bosch1000cc injectors, GT3528r twin scroll, FF exhaust manifold, bigger fuel pump(still looking into), and external waste gate...Thoughts?
  12. Yeah i've seen a few bad threads about the audi coils. Then again I've seen some good ones. Doesn't seem like it leans more toward negative feedback. I get a lot of compliments my man. They look good, your new wheels look good on your car tho.
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