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  1. Def need details on this mod!
  2. Get Rick Wong Mounts! Much better quality!
  3. I am looking for information on the Z31 VSS that attaches directly to the cog. I had a Z (from Canada) with this style before and just found pictures of the sensor on line. You can see it in the top right corner. Does anyone have any info on this sensor? I would like to use one on my current build. EZpickenZ
  4. Here is the Al trans mount. I moved the OE brackets back and used a urethane mount to make it cheaper and easier to replace. I also took pics of the distance between the engine and fire wall for my own knowledge.
  5. Hoover, The engine may not be an inch, but i'll have to measure it when i get a chance. It is close enough that the valve cover breathers scratched the crap out of the hood latch down there at the back of the engine. I fabbed up my own Al tranny mount. It wasn't hard...just time consuming. I'll see if i can get a pic of the tranny mount if you want. I attached the "apparently" only pic I have of the engine mounts (only 1 side). They are very nice. EZ
  6. I like the way the engine is placed with Ricks mounts. I have attached pics. Please excuse the dirty engine bay. I'm still in the middle of the build and a shed/shade tree mechanic.
  7. if you can get a hold of Rick on here, he has some great billet Al mounts. i did have to fab up my own trans mount, but that is not too hard. im not impressed by the mckinney mounts.
  8. What type of back spacing do you have on the wheels and what is the distance between the coilovers and wheel/tires?
  9. ZT-R, Have you finished your A/C system? If so, what are the specs and parts you used? Did you use the GTR compressor? Thanks.
  10. Yeah. I plumbed one of those in a couple of weeks ago. Can't wait to test it out. I also added The 1" master cylinder and will be using some calipers and rotors.
  11. I Jus Bought A Angle Guage And Found That The Angle Is ~14°. Good call tech40799. Thanks For The Input Guys.
  12. Ok. I've Looked On Both Suspension Pages And I Can't Find The Answer Im Looking For. Im Trying To Find The Angle Of The Front Spindle/Hub Compared To The Strut Housing. Has Anyone Posted This Info Here? If So, Please Point Me In The Right Direction. Sry For The Caps On Each Word. My Phone Has A Problem! Thanks, Chris
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