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  1. When I was a guitarist, that was the last thing on my mind.
  2. ?? Oh well... Anyways, so I'm thinking of doing another TB like this except for a final step I will use a hone to give it a cross hatch pattern on the inner side. That way the "boundries" wont cause so much turbulence, yet be smooth enough to not cause any build up or corrode over time. I will keep the portion behind the throttle plate mirror finish since it comes this way stock and I have not been given any reason why not to have it mirror there so I'm assuming it is important since it comes this way stock.
  3. I'm not familiar around the L series...I am on the VG though. Question, can you flip the exhaust manifold around and bolt it up? Try it and take a pic I have no idea, just a thought. We can do that on the VG.
  4. Hey makes sense. I get ya. No put down taken. You say on the intake side, what about exhaust side? Also, what can you say about the highly polished portion of the stock TB? Why make it high gloss there?
  5. Just wanted to tell you I'm following your thread. Very nice work, and the fact that you are new at this makes me happy. I have yet to use a real spray gun, I can do wonders with a can of glass spray paint though .
  6. I would like to see the whole shot of the car with these flares.
  7. Your Z in your signature looks just like that toy
  8. ^ I was thinking more along the lines of a V6 VG's are beasts, are shorter, and look great in an S30 engine bay. Plus its a Z engine and 6 cylinders Atleast with the KA, you can still call it a 240Z. I think Nissan made a 240Z prototype before the 350Z with the KA engine in it, but they scratched it because they weren't willing to make a Z a four banger.
  9. It's 26 gallon 9.9CFM @ 150PSI max
  10. Hey. Where'd you get your engineering degree? I got my at UCSC Yea your right about the boundaries I guess that makes sense...but I don't see many boundaries inside the throttle body, except for where the throttle plate meets the walls. But, note that on all throttle bodies, at those points, it is mirror finish from the factory, so that has to tell you something
  11. So I worked my ass off at polishing aluminum Here are my results. Sorry, pic is forthe ebay ad but its perfect because it shows before and after shots. http://i87.photobucket.com/albums/k125/andre2099/Q45%20stuff/throttlebodycopy.jpg I'm working on polishing some stock aluminum intake components for my Z31. Anyone have any tips on how to polish interior bends? I want the insides to be like the throttle body. Also, I bought a sand blaster gun from harber freight and some 80 grit glass beads. It doesnt seem to do anything. I'm thinking the gun needs some kind of smaller air nozzle because the one provided is just a wide hole. Anyone have any links or info on sandblasting? It will make my life a whole lot easier.
  12. Looking good. Can't wait to see the finished job.
  13. Is this an S30 problem in general? My Z31 had a fumes problem in the greenhouse but it went away after I rebuilt my engine and fixed some exhaust leaks.
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