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  1. Listen to that turbo winding down https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BPuBpE4pH4 The current revision of my Datsun 240z exhaust I built, is full 3" turbo back from the stock l28 garret t3 turbo, custom made turbo flange adaptor from 2.5" to 3" downpipe with v-band, mandrel bends and magnaflow round muffler as a resonator to quiet the rasp and drone. quiet enough for SCCA sound meter. Stays under 90 decibles.
  2. Hi guys, I was wondering if there was a comprehensive and successful writeup on how to rewire an l28et oem harness to work with a 16-bit z31 ecu from 1989. I tried searching for some time now, but I found a dead link to switch2zcar.com and I need the info on there to double check my work. I have a 1971 240z with an l28et at my shop. and the harness has been rampaged by a few of the previous owners and "mechanics". My l28et swap is running perfect on my personal car since i wired it full stand alone with fuse block and relay system. But this other car is driving me nuts. I already h
  3. Rebekahsz, What offset were your 16x8 rims? Did you have narrow springs or stock diameter springs? thanks!
  4. My stock l28et runs lean (higher than 16:1 afr) at cold start-up. It should be rich for a little bit. I have to run the engine for a couple min before it goes into closed loop and runs perfect and in specs. The block temp sensor is within specs. What does this fuel management read from and do for the first couple minutes of cold startup? Thanks!
  5. I'm looking for a set of wheels that are wider than my panasport 16x7 that i can fit on my 240z with lowering springs, and fender rolling without cutting and installing fender flares. I want to go wider than 225 if possible with competition rubber, no stretch or camber please, I need grip to handle 400hp at autocross. I'm also open to other "knock-off" wheels that are oldschool looking to keep in my budget. Please help me figure out what offset i need as well, I'm not very good at sizing and offset. Thanks!
  6. So my 240z has 79 280zx master cylinder, 4-piston calipers with z31 vented rotors up front with perfomance friction pads, and rear has 240sx calipers with akebono pro-act pads and z31 rotors. My problem is the front brakes lock up too easily and I can't stop well at autocross. Has anyone tried a more aggressive autox hawk pad in the rear to help with balancing and have more friction and grab in the rear? Any experience with this? I also saw a mustang kit from silver mine motors. but these won't clear my 14" rally rims. What do you think about trying the pads, or is that a waste of
  7. I just recived an obx diff in the mail that was torn down and re-assembled with stronger bolts, washers etc.. just wondering if its normal to hear some loose noises when you shake it around, or if it is abnormal. Do not reply unless you are a successful obx installer, (or quiafe.) thanks!
  8. So to clerify, I have a 280zx n/a 3:90 diff in my 240z all stock axles. I bought the mc master ring gear bolt spacers, and the washer/bolt kit. is there anything else i need to finish this project? does this sound right? so i pull the stock cover off, and the axles, then remove the two half-moon shaped pieces to remove the center housing with the ring gear attached. then i remove the ring gear, and install it to the obx unit, then install it again and install those c-shaped parts and check for backlash? what steps am i missing?
  9. I'm going to purchase one for my 240z with 280zx n/a 3.9 diff and stock axles, just want to make sure its a place that has it in stock and is reputable and good price. I also am going to find some of those bolt spacers and the hardware and washer kit. i live in san diego, ca i found this company: http://www.ssaccessories.com/servlet/the-1780/OBX-LSD-OBX-LSD/Detail thanks!
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