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  1. That's the same one I have, $76 shipped on eBay
  2. well ive just decided to start working on this project again about a month ago. it was running for awhile and made a few trips out to the track but i just never had time to finish it how i want it. I used the r32 crossmember and a maxima oil pan. The front sump conversion is easy. the sumps are the same, it just bolts towards the front of the block. you just need to drill and tap the bolt holes that hold the sump and drill a bigger hole about 2" up into the block till you hit the oil passage that goes to the pump. I tried spacing the sway bar down and denting the front of the pan in as much as i could but it will still will hit the sway bar, the easiest way is to just to notch the pan. i finally notched mine last weekend.
  3. video of it running. electric speedo and everything wired up and working. Boost by gear now with the AVC-R. I stopped working on this for a few months becuase i bent a valve and broke a guide when i was playin around in the neighborhood. The 4.08 gears are a little short for the t-5 tranny. Just tryin to find some time to put one of my other heads on it and get the i/c piping made.
  4. I got a 240sx shell for free in October 2008. A few days later i crashed my 280. I started doin this swap a couple days after that. Here are some pics of the progress so far. Well first off heres the 280 the 240s new paint primer and paint front sump conversion motor in and running . pics of all the clearances suspension interior
  5. I don't know what would be wrong with the CAS. I took the dizzy off with the harness still pluged up and powered up the car. I slowly turned the rotor and it fired the coil 6 times and the injectors clicked every full turn.
  6. How does the ecu know to retard the timing under boost? Is it the amount of airflow through the AFM or does that just let the ecu know to richen up the mixture?
  7. I'm trying to figure out why the spark advance won't change when i rev the engine. I have done the l28et swap before but didn't have this problem. I searched and tried a lot of the things in a previous post i found but still no change. I swapped 3 other ecus, changed coil and igniter, took the dizzy off my other car but i didn't get a spark for some reason with that one, TPS sensor works, injectors cycle faster as the rpms climb, checked all grounds. Can anyone think of any other possible causes of this? How much authority does the AFM play in controlling the spark under no load? The car starts on first crank every time and idles and revs fine, just no spark advance or retard.....
  8. The pictures are showing a few of the valve stem that are soked in oil. The picture on top is showing 2 valves, the one on left has oil all over it and the one on the right has just a lilttle bit of oil running from the top(the white part is dry). Should the seals stop all of the oil from getting into the exhaust port or is this what happens to the oil that is left on the stem when you turn your car off?
  9. My car started burning oil a couple days ago. I thought it was a HG or maybe blow by the rings or blown turbo seal. I did a compresison test and with the motor warm and my numbers were 135-130-135-135-132-130. Then i repeated the test with some wd-40 in the cylinders and the numbers all just went up 5. There is no oil in my IC piping but a lot of oil in the exhuast trubine housing. Well anyways i took the intake and exhaust manifold off and noticed a lot of oil running down from the tops of my exhaust valve stems. These pictures are about a hour after the car was running.. Does this look like bad valve seals????
  10. The stock 280zx t3 oil drain flange lined right up with the oil pan
  11. I had a 1.5" spacer made for my hx35w, but it made the turbo to close to the frame rail. I got it machined down to about 3/4" (i'll post up the exact measument) and it gave about 1/4" between the compressor housing and exhaust manifold. This is on a '82 280zx.
  12. I'm about to order a head gasket through courtesy nissan. I was wondering what the part# for the 2mm hks for a '76 280z w/ the n42/n42 motor. I have found this # 11044-91mm2. I don't know if thats the later head gasket or the earlier gasket#. Or will that # fit all l28's??
  13. Nothing is wrong with the head. I wanted to put the p90 on too lower the compression a little bit.
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