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  1. Hey, would you happen to have a yoke for an r200 diff with all that stuff? 

    1. G-Tech


      are you talking about the splined shaft and flange that the half shafts mount too? i have a set of stock half shafts that have them on there? if your talking about something for the driveshaft end of the r200, i do not have anything  

  2. Dang, I am looking for the ones that slide under the weatherstripping . Thanks!
  3. Interested in the louvers. Are they the kind that attach to the hatch or the kind that slide under the weatherstripping?
  4. No kidding lol, I sent him a PM too until I realized this post was from 2009 lol.
  5. Looking to purchase an early 5 speed transmission out of a 280z. Willing to pay shipping, located in Southern Indiana.
  6. Hello, I have a set of Chastain Shadow Louvers, but no hardware to go with them. If anyone has a set of hardware they'd be willing to sell that would be great. These are the louvers that go underneath the weatherstripping and sit on the back glass. Thanks!
  7. Thanks! That's definitely reassuring! I figured it was some sort of seam filler, but of course I was dreading the worst lol.
  8. Yeah, it was a friend of a friend's car and it had been sitting for a long while in his garage. He would get it out and drive every once in a while, but he was married and had kids and didn't have a lot of time for it. His wife wanted something they could all ride in together and so he decided to sell it. I have been wanting one of these for a long time, but never could find one that I liked for the price I wanted. The guy wanted to sell it and my friend told him I was interested in them. Ended up coming to deal and it was mine. It's had rust repair done to it at some point and it
  9. I have been working pretty hard on getting the car where I have wanted it. Saturday I snapped a few pics of what I consider close to how I want it. It still needs to be lowered and I hadn't gotten the chance to put the badges back on, but the pics still turned out pretty good.
  10. I am selling a set of Dan Gurney Victory Mags. They are in pretty good condition. They have a bit of oxidation, but look to be in good shape. They come with Falken Ziex tires. 195/60r14. $300+shipping. Located in Evansville, IN
  11. Well I have been looking for parts and just purchased a rebuild kit for the shifter. I am hoping it does the trick! If anyone knows where to get some hardware for Chastain Shadow louvers that would be great lol
  12. Looking for Chastain Shadow louver mounting hardware for my 240z. I recently picked up the Z and it came with a few extra pieces and one happened to be the louvers. It looks like they were pulled off of a car from the junkyard but they are in good shape. I have the hinges, but I am not sure how to start with mounting them onto the car or anything. Any help would be appreciated!
  13. Thanks everyone! Right now, I plan on getting it a bit fixed up. It runs pretty good, but the shifter has a lot of slop and the carbs I think need a good adjusting/cleaning. The filters on it look like they've never been replaced. There is a bit of interior stuff to do, the passenger window won't roll all the way down, needs carpet in the front, and a dash cover most definitely. Exterior I plan on putting black bumpers on the front and rear, try my best to buff the blue paint and make it look as good as it can, touch up the scratches, put some Konig Rewinds on it for sure, I was thinking of a
  14. I own a 1986 300zx that I bought 9 years ago and ever since I bought it, I have wanted a 240z. Well just this weekend I was finally able to acquire something that's definitely far from perfect, but something that I can drive and work on and make into something my own! I have attached a link to the imgur gallery below. I am super happy with the car. It definitely needs some work, but I can't find any rust that's bad. A little bit of surface rust and that's about it. Which is amazing since this is a midwest car lol. The car has been painted at some point in it's life and it shows how old it is.
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