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  1. Pictures? Of what? I haven't really taken pictures of the mold in my car, but I do have pictures of the dead frogs that seemed to go with the mold. My web hosting site appears to be down, so I attached one here. I suppose I could take pictures of the box of detergent if that was needed. I didn't take notice of the actual amount of detergent I used. I tried to use as little as possible and used the hottest water I could stand.
  2. I used "20 Mule Team Borax" detergent. It took me forever to find, but it has worked for 4 months. It was also dirt cheap. Before using this, Clorox type cleaners were only a temporary fix. I'm sure if you goolge borax and mold killing youll get a ton of info. I didn't choose the 20 Mule brand; it was just the only thing I could find with borax.
  3. I have the 80 owners manual somewhere. Somewhere in the abyss this house has become. Side note: I figure you can get a 2005 G35 Owners manual online, but I have the whole kit with all of the Option books and guides. It all came together in a leather zip up bag. Xenon, let me know if you want that. Oh, and a 1987 warranty book.
  4. I guess we are the three amigos. I was wondering why the welding forum moved so slow... but now I know there are only three of us Anyway, this is what I have now. It came with 31 cu ft of UHP Helium. You would cringe if you knew how many butterfly and bunny balloons were blown up with this. I'm planning on getting a 60-100ish cylinder of argon. Last quote I got was over $200, so I am getting close to throwing in the towel on helping any of these local businesses.
  5. Good to see you back into z31s. JHOT opened up out by by you and then closed down the one in Augusta. It's now pretty rare that I head to Augusta even when going to Atlanta.
  6. Something GT37-40ish... I wanted to discuss it with someone I trusted. I certainly cannot find any factual information on what I want specifically on the internet anymore.
  7. So, I have been away from hybridz for quite some time. I did a great deal of searching for speedshopthagard and James Thagard and didn't some up with much. Seems like a lot of information has evaporated. Googling just turns up dozens of dead links. If there is someone else on hybridz dealing with turbo sales, then shoot me with a PM. I'm not hunting down Dr Thagard specifically, I just wanted to spend some money inside the community.
  8. It is a shame to see it for sale. He is a stand up guy and does what he says he will do. He has pioneered a lot of things going against a bunch of know-it-alls that told him it couldn't be done. Very depressing to see it for sale.
  9. I am curious how much everyone is paying for gas/cylinders. Helpful info would be.... Name of the company Type of gas Size of cylinder Rent or Bought cylinder State you live in I currently have a UHP Helium cylinder, but I haven't gotten it filled because both gas suppliers here throw a hissy about the brand of the cylinder (matheson), which means I can't just swap it and have to send it off. I've been struggling the last few months and finally had something go my way, so i can fill this and buy a cylinder for argon. I just wanted some numbers to go by when I got down there, because they tend to size you up here, and rape you in the, well you know. I have also noticed that these places have high turn over and the names change every 6 months. It this normal nationally? Oh and this is to TIG. edited: I was a tard and put the wrong brand instead of matheson
  10. This is a z31 I came across in the junkyard. Looks like they had some problems with swelling/shifting. I wish I had gotten more pictures of the inside of the panels, but I was distracted by the wood center console inside.
  11. She is being unreasonable. You need to send her a message. Put her out at a RESPONSIBLE family member's house. DO NOT let her stay with one of her sh*t talking, scheming friends. Give her some time to think through whether you are more important than the ghost of her last dude. I know the time apart might seem harsh, but many people fall into the need to fight, or must be proven right, no matter what the cost. Given a day or two away, that urge is taken from them. If she cannot recover from a few days break, and instead stews the entire time, you know you need to get a professional involved. Whether that is a therapist or lawyer is your call. Every time I have heard this, the person doing the complaining is the real cheater and is trying to cover their tracks. Most wounded people retract and grow quiet, not accusatory. Don't try to live with it. I have had to get rid of 2 psychopaths like this in my past, and life is so much better now. Their lives are total ratsh*t and they are pulling the same garbage on the new chumps they have. Oh, and trying to explain everything on the computer just makes you look more guilty. I saved everything I ever did for about 4 years, and it still wasn't enough. Many wives have no idea what makes computers work, so if you explain anything beyond what they understand, then they assume you are lying. Since even you don't fully understand how it works, silence will help you more than explaining.
  12. Double update... I sprayed Sunday. No critters were visible. Today I go out there and the little _______ have made a new eggsack. Anyway, instead of applying another slight mist coat, I upped the amount. At dark there was a halo of dead ants and misc bugs surrounding the car. I'm hoping that is a good sign.
  13. I am in the process of moving my intercooler further from the ground. My pipes are 2" and my IC is 60mm. Not only do I need a reducer, but I need a 45deg bend, too. I can find 2" to 2.25" bends, but not in 60mm. The prices in 60mm are really ugly for even the plain hose. The current setup involves 3 couplers to make up the joint on each side. I would think a nice silicone hose would be happy on something .100" bigger, but then I think about why would the original installer use 6 couplers when 2 would have worked. I was mostly wondering if someone had experienced a problem after some use.
  14. It looks like you are wanting an argument. I gave you a list and a time. Then I gave you an additional component and a new time. An open downpipe, bigger tires, and a 50 shot of nitrous should be more than .3 sec worth of improvement.
  15. You might need an adjustment on some other part. 1987 300zx Turbo Stock size street tires Stock exhaust Automatic Transmission Stock Motor Stock Turbo Stock Boost Open Differential Heavier tires and wheels, with adapters ran 14.5 after a few passes with a boost controller it ran 14.0 I'm not trying to give you a hard time about your numbers. It would just be terrible if you focused all your efforts in the wrong direction.
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