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  1. Mike Rowe

    L28 Stroker Motors

    Hi guys I have built an RB26 260Z and now I want to do an L28 stroker motor for my 240Z. I am in Australia and there is not really anyone here who has the experience at doing these motors. I have been on the web and have been getting good service & advice from Dave Rebello. His motors appear to deliver good results for a reasonable cost and I believe he has a good reputation in the US? My question is, has any one used the Rebello 3.l or 3.2 stroker? Can you provide any feedback on satisfaction and whether the motor did deliver 300-344hp or so? How do the motors perform on the track - is there any issues with revs or being over square or any other feedback you can give? I did a search on Rebello but nothing came up? thanks & regards Mike Rowe West Australia
  2. Mike Rowe

    Another RB into an S30, what next?

    Over here (Aust) the RB25s we get are usually very good buys as they come out of the normal Japanese models. The Rb26s are the worry and the crooks who get involved dont give a shite. The 30 days soon goes of course and who ever gets around to running the engine in that time? My engine was in a half cut and the radiator had sludge in it - they still told me it was one of the best they had ever seen - ho ho. After stripping it all down and searching high and low including pressure tests which showed nothing - when we machined the block suddenly we could see the cracks. It took me 2 years to get another block from them. They can be bast'ds be careful, but it is hard to catch them out - tell them straight away if there is any suspicion of problems and then ask if you can strip it down as they tried to tell me I had voided my warranty by stripping it down to find the problem!
  3. Mike Rowe

    Who has ac in their rb?

    Yep, the RB compressor went straight in there, no problems other than my front sway bar was close to one of the lower adjustment pulleys so I spaced it down slightly (the sway bar). As I said I used the Southern Rods unit - was cheap and excellent & fitted no worries. Another guy here has done the same. In Aust we have weather like Texas I would imagine so it is a necessity. I looked at using the original Z evap system but too old and crappy. Use all the RB stuff on the motor and either Southern Rods or Vintage Air evaporator. The motor has tons of power to deal with the compressor and use all the GTR OE bracket stuff for the RB26 (in my case) or RB25
  4. Mike Rowe

    RB26DETT coolant routing questions.

    The water temp sensor - you just use the RB sensor in its standard position, which will work the standard Datsun temp guage. You dont need to take it off any pipework.
  5. Mike Rowe

    Who has ac in their rb?

    The condensors and evaporator you use will indicate to them how much to use. Why are you worried about that - they will know what to do?
  6. Easier to just put an electric fan in. Also horespower issue. Over here you have to have a shroud to protect fingers - legal req.
  7. Mike Rowe

    RB powertrain mounting questions

    must be higher than yours, if yours hit the rack. Just sits in well with no height issues any where. Have seen it on a few over here and always ok - no shims required. The ones McKin make are obviously not right, given the other comments as well..
  8. Mike Rowe

    RB powertrain mounting questions

    The engine mounts from Castlemaine Rod Shop in Victoria Australia, work well
  9. Mike Rowe

    My RB 240z thread !!!!NO 56K!!!!

    quality build, well done Also great you included your girlfriend in the build - I encourage my wife to do the same and to race in her car on circuits & round the houses - she has a TT Quattro regards
  10. Mike Rowe

    Ran the z at the track

    I cant tell you as yet as the tacho isnt working, but I am having that sorted shortly
  11. Mike Rowe

    Ran the z at the track

    I have just got my RB26 260Z running. I have a 3.9 diff I think, I have an Apexi D Jetro, but not yet dynoed or properly tuned. I have the RB25 GTS 5 speed, and whilst the motor is forged everything, it is standard, other than bigger turbos. So far I have found that the gearing is far too tall, and I will be changing to a 4.1 as well. I also have an R32 GTR (390hp at rear wheels - cam & apexi & N1 Turbos) and the gearing is far lower (4.1 diff) and the car is much better, and the gearing not too low. Once I am run in and I have fitted the 4.1 & Quaiffe LSD I will tell you how it goes, but I agree with needing the 4.1 regards Mike
  12. Mike Rowe

    1/4 mile half shaft CARNAGE!

    Drew these look excellent and are good value I think - just expensive for freight to us in Aussie. I may get a set of these
  13. Mike Rowe

    1/4 mile half shaft CARNAGE!

    God Drew that looks nasty. Like you say lucky that didnt tear through the floor. The guy who fitted my fuel surge tank has positioned it above the drive shaft which I wasnt too happy about - now I'm definitely moving it. The CVs you mentioned - what are they, do they fit an R200 etc etc regards
  14. Mike Rowe

    Let's see your RB Z...

    Good video Warren, although I know you have done a lot more since with the aircond which you should post up for other peoples reference, as it is brilliant what you have achieved. Standard of finish on your work is superb, brakes are fantastic, wish I had them! regards
  15. Mike Rowe

    RB26 Cam Cover Breathers

    I used Australian made engine mounts and have exactly the same issue. Never thought to do what you have done, well done. I have modified the bonnet catch (with a hammer) which was far too crude