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  1. I just pulled mine out for the winter to work on it! Very nice Z by the way. I hope to be hitting the SA roads in about a year with mine.
  2. This is the start to what I hope becomes another great build thread. I picture it ending with a photograph of my Z, shining in the beams of Texas sunlight coming through a massive cloud of burnt rubber. There I am in the driver seat… old, broke and happy! I am an engineer, not a mechanic. I hope by the end of this project and after a few more years at my job, the gap between the two will meet somewhere in the middle. I do not have unlimited time and I have a baby on the way, so I apologize in advance for any long periods without updates or if at some point this becomes another sad par
  3. I just turned 26 and have almost had my Z for a year. I had a matchbox (hotwheel maybe) of a 240 and grew up with my dad telling stories of the ealry 80s z that smoked his brothers vette. Always wanted a SS or RS Camaro... but i was born into limited means and my engineering income has yet to outrun my student loans. when i graduated i made a pact to buy my project car before my wife and i got pregnant. Well, I found a started project on craigslist for cheap and 3 months later we got prego. Now I have 4 months left to get it into shape!
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