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  1. OilKiller

    South Texas engineer with a new 75 Z turbo

    Been a while since my last update and i don't mean to be cliche... but my wife and I had a second kido and i have not had much time to work on the Z. (I sure hope i do not have a kid for every post i make.) I switched jobs and have a lot more free time so here is a quick catch up. I pulled every wire out of the car. The 280z chassis harness, 280ZX engine harness and the giant electrical tap/relay monster are gone. Some portions of each of them were burnt out after the issue with powering the starter. Turns out all the positives were running off a very small lead wire and a single relay. DIY Autotune's MSII and Harness are in. Engine (F54 P90) is pulled and torn down with great results. Everything is standard size and showed minimal wear. Probably should not have been pulled now that i see how tight it still was. Clutch looks brand new. Bearings look great. rings gaped correctly and had even witness lines. Cam/Rockers have no visible wear. Pistons were pretty gummed up, but none of it really got onto the lands to form heavy carbon. I still think this is fuel from the supper rich condition and not oil. Knowing what i know now i probably could have just tuned it on MS and burnt this off. I will put up my measurements when I start the rebuild.
  2. OilKiller

    L28et Rebuild

  3. OilKiller

    Post pics of your z's here!!

    I just pulled mine out for the winter to work on it! Very nice Z by the way. I hope to be hitting the SA roads in about a year with mine.
  4. OilKiller

    1972 240Z turbo FS

    Oh man what a deal, and local for me too! Sure hope this sells quick before I do something crazy to snag it. GLWS
  5. This is the start to what I hope becomes another great build thread. I picture it ending with a photograph of my Z, shining in the beams of Texas sunlight coming through a massive cloud of burnt rubber. There I am in the driver seat… old, broke and happy! I am an engineer, not a mechanic. I hope by the end of this project and after a few more years at my job, the gap between the two will meet somewhere in the middle. I do not have unlimited time and I have a baby on the way, so I apologize in advance for any long periods without updates or if at some point this becomes another sad part-out page. So far, I have only vicariously enjoyed your successes and turmoil. I’m going out on the same limb now, thanks for having me. Before I forget, many tanks to Matt (if you’re out there) for selling me the car…sorry I couldn’t offer more. Please post as much as you want with input, critiques, questions or moral support! For a little back-story here is my new member post. http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/105606-south-texas-engineer-with-a-new-75-z-turbo/ Starting line: Price: Every bit I could spare for…$2500!! Layout: 75 280z L28et (seller said ‘83… wiring harness and sensors are 81?) 5speed. It has strong metal everywhere except driver floorboard that has small patch and potentially lower section of deck lid. Battery tray, fenders and all towers are in great shape. Running condition: Fires right up, runs terrible. Not highway safe! Good Mods from previous owner: Very surprising bunch of aftermarket parts for a car that runs terrible! No details on what had been done so far… so it’s back tracking and investigation for everything but the obvious below. It has a “Recent†engine rebuild, no details, in a pretty clean engine bay. JSK fuel rail and FPR and an unknown newer style pump, MSD ignition coil with new distributor and wires, HKS BOV, new intercooler (~10x24x3â€), SS intake piping, KN filter set, oil cooler mounted behind intercooler, filter to cooler oil bypass, single small electric radiator fan, Interior has all new carpet, headliner and dash pad, doors open well and have decent liners. If that’s not enough, 4 brand new xxr wheels and tires! Downsides: Fuel management is no good and frustration with this is why he sold it. I think injectors are almost full open all the time. It spits un-burnt fuel straight out of downpipe onto my garage and starts burning your eyes within a few seconds. Under medium throttle at standstill engine can die from flooding. Oil has heavy fuel contamination after only a few hours of tinkering. Rear-end CLUNK when you shift quickly under load… I have ideas but I am not sure yet. Owner before me could not get hood latch open when he bought it… so he DRILL cut a hole in the hood above the latch to get it opened. No chassis light/electrical works, all HVAC controls removed, gauges don’t work. Status of diagnostics: I fixed an early issue with battery drain coming from a short in the rear-defrost (by fix I mean I removed the fuse) I then moved on with the “ecm connector test†and found almost everything reads open circuit or the wrong resistance. I have determined that the coolant temp and head temp sensor have no/broken connectors, wiring for them is bundled and zip tied. The TPS wiring was cut and then wrapped in elec tape so it only LOOKs like its plugged in. AFM was broken into and now doesn’t read the correct resistance throughout the range. But hey, Intake air temp reads great! Drawing board: I picture having the drive train and ride at 100% and spending as little money as possible to get the look to 75%. Right now I am considering removing all of the original engine controls and going with Megasquirt and maybe even 3.0 with spark control. My reasoning for this is that after adding up just a replacement AFM, harness repairs/connectors and OE sensors I am already almost to the cost of the MS system. I also think it is the coolest thing EVER to have that kind of system in a 40 year old car. So instead of asking the question “do you think I should Msquirt?†I am going over all the other answers to that question and the final product and decide for myself. I may go with just toggle switches for all chassis stuff besides brake lights and have a space for a small laptop to sit where the HVAC and radio used to be to show the extra gauges from MS. *Suspension to be addressed* After all that, its new seats… cheap paint job… and open road.
  6. OilKiller

    Youngins: How'd you end up with a Z?

    I just turned 26 and have almost had my Z for a year. I had a matchbox (hotwheel maybe) of a 240 and grew up with my dad telling stories of the ealry 80s z that smoked his brothers vette. Always wanted a SS or RS Camaro... but i was born into limited means and my engineering income has yet to outrun my student loans. when i graduated i made a pact to buy my project car before my wife and i got pregnant. Well, I found a started project on craigslist for cheap and 3 months later we got prego. Now I have 4 months left to get it into shape!
  7. OilKiller

    South Texas engineer with a new 75 Z turbo

    Been a while since my last update and i dont mean to be cliché... but my wife and I are pregnant and i haven’t had much time to work on the Z. It has moved slightly backwards since my last update. A friend and I took it for a short spin to troubleshoot a flat line in power at higher RPMS, we determined it is not clutch slip but it feels like right when power should really pick up with boost... it just stops climbing. My guess is that the fuel pump in undersized and that may be why the previous owner had tried to choke up the fuel back pressure. I am working on running the backpressure gauge into the cab so that i can monitor it at WOT. My guess is that at 3500 pressure drops straight off. When we returned to the house we made the mistake of parking it in the street, of course the starter thought this was a great time to lock up (I have a steep driveway). I did not want to leave my new dash pad in the Texas August sun so we decided to try and "knock start" the starter. After about 1 minute of my buddy knocking on the starter while i cranked with him yelling "keep going!" i managed to let the smoke out of one of the wires off the ignition relay. This wire had been getting hot after even short periods of cranking but i was putting off trying to troubleshoot any more electrical woes. Now i have no choice but to dig deeper into the 10 different wires that are all run through the same relay. The one that smoked out has fused itself to the adjacent wires... So im at a crossroads of either replacing the one wire/resistor/replacing whatever is drawing hella current and crossing my fingers no other ELEC issues pop up... or starting off at square one and setting up a loom in my living room and running everything new from the schematics of the 75 chassis and the 83Turbo engine harness. Anyone know of a good source for "hybrid" harnesses? Or am i better off doing it myself and learning in the process? I am going to pre-empt some of your responses and do a search as well
  8. OilKiller

    South Texas engineer with a new 75 Z turbo

    im thinking about switching to a fuel cell and cutting out the back spare well... but thinking about it and actually starting to remove structural panels on a unibody are two different things. I know its been done but it scares me a little. maybe down the road, for now i might just change the filter out often and bite the need for injectors over the next year. This weekend i am finally going to get down and dirty with looking at the total condition. I will post many pics.
  9. OilKiller

    South Texas engineer with a new 75 Z turbo

    Thats the same idea i had last night... why not do it all? My tank has some interior rust also, how much was your dip and where did you get it done? Also, are you swapping out the suspension members? or just the shocks and struts. I'm looking for the best full bushing kit now and may do some suspension sanding/repainting while i have everything out... and while i have it out the Tokikos arent THAT expensive.... :snowball:
  10. OilKiller

    South Texas engineer with a new 75 Z turbo

    Yeah hes still out here, I agree about the old import club. It would be very cool. I know hes been pretty busy building a cabin i think..? Oh and the list of problems with the Z grew yesterday. There is a shutter from the back left wheel but i havent crawled underneeth since its been in my garage. It could be a few things but seems to be worse when slowing down without braking. I know i need to replace my diff mounts because it rocks back during changing throttle. Oh and the problem with the sputtering under slight throttle is still there, thought the fuel pressure fixed it. I now think it may be an intake leak because the problem stops right when boost/vac hits 0. It was a one step forward two steps back kinda week. To top it off I found that the front left rotor has deep groves in it and there is a grinding feel to the brakes... maybe lost a pad? Dont know how i missed that! This is when everyone tells me... get used to it, its only just started!
  11. OilKiller

    South Texas engineer with a new 75 Z turbo

    Great! yeah maybe, im getting into the back panel today to look at it. I am hoping that the wires are all there. I havent chekced the whole fuze box yet (i know i know) but that and the fuseable links are what my buddy trey told me to start with. Hoping that every fix will be as easy as the fuel pressure and alternator. I will let you know if i need anything, i got a few interior pieces i could use. Maybe i will meet you down there.
  12. OilKiller

    South Texas engineer with a new 75 Z turbo

    I was just talking this morning with my good friend Trey... He’s a real big Z guy and stop going to meets because of the new cars. He has three I think, one is Silver on this side of town. Maybe he is who you saw. Also has a perfect black hybrid flare body and a JDM IMSA... He has been an awesome resource. We should get it rolling again and show up to a Zsport meeting together. Brake lights are all that’s holding me back now, flaking clear and all Oh and i am right at 1604 and 90, pass hunt lane every day on my way home.
  13. OilKiller

    South Texas engineer with a new 75 Z turbo

    Far west. I don’t have break lights yet and I’m not crazy enough to dive SA without them so i wont be doing any meet and greets yet, previous owner seemed to have a few electrical problems and the back half of the car is without wiring. When i got it I was having an issue with sputtering between idle and ~25% throttle and then it would come on strong. I found the fuel pressure had been set at around 60 psi at idle ... I adjusted it to around 30-35 at idle and now its runs smooth and strong. I will have to pull the plugs and such because i think it has been running really rich for a while. It also had an issue with the alternator. He had a new one in box but i was curious why he hadn’t already changed it, not a real hard job. I found the one installed looked real clean and new. I checked the belt tension and found it was pretty loose and when you tugged on it the alternator moved. The slotted bolt was tight, but the bolt holding the tension rod to the block was loose and it allowed a little play. Went ahead and changed the alternator and tightened that bolt. Voltage looks good, but i ran out of gas before I could check much more. 3 days in and its moving the right direction, really enjoying the tinkering. I can’t wait till its back on the highway, but for now it will be around my neighborhood.
  14. OilKiller

    South Texas engineer with a new 75 Z turbo

    Beautiful Z! I will check that site out. Seller came down quite a bit on the price. I went to see it a month ago and passed on it, but he relisted it and I made him a deal.
  15. OilKiller

    South Texas engineer with a new 75 Z turbo

    Yes I did find her on CL, the seller said he got several calls from out of state. Probably a bunch of members Thanks to anyone who passed on it, Finders Keepers! Didnt notice your from SA! Are you active at all with the local Z guys?