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  1. That still probably outperforms a log style manifold
  2. You guys are thinking too hard about this. Id put money on low coolant.
  3. I found some pictures of other regulators and mine seems to be bent a bit. Im just gonna bend it back to see if it fixes the angle. Just gotta wait till we get a little change in this weather...The garage is fricken cold right now.
  4. But then they wouldnt be able to charge $20k to replace it
  5. Heres some pictures I took today showing my fitment problems 1) First picture shows how the window looks with all rollers attached. A little off ehh? 2) This picture shows how the car was, and what I assume was done so they could seal the window. You cant see, but the window is all the way up. You can see the arm with the rear window roller is about 2 inches above its track. 3) Full window shot 4) The measurment from end to end on the rails, Im seeing 16 9/16" which is closest to the 16 5/8" shown on the Zparts pictures indicated it is a 70-75 window.
  6. I must be retarded or something cause I looked through their website again and still cant find where those pictures are. My car is a 73. Ill have to take some pictures tomorrow on my iphone; my digital camera decided to die.
  7. Ill take some pictured of it tonight and get them posted up. Talking to a local guy he said you can tell which door you have by the door beam in it, but not having seen the inside of any other 240z doors I dont have much perspective on whats big and whats small. The window is a perfect fit in the door, and sealed up without any leaks. It just seems to be the angle of the roller tracks that are different.
  8. Baby jesus cries when you mix beer with tequila... Well, at least your wasting crappy tequila with crappy beer.
  9. You're right, that definitely doesn't sound like the easiest way I know its a long shot, but it would be great if some people had pictures of the window
  10. My driver window never went all the way down and seemed to have a lot of play on the back side. I pulled the window and regulator out and checked everything. The only problem obvious was that the rear window track was off. I put it back together, this time with all 3 tracks connected, and the alignment was way off. It now tilted forward about 20*. After scratching my head for a while it dawned on me that the window may have been intentionally left off the track to get it to go all the way up. Ive found through some searches that their was a different window for 240, 260 and 280 z's, but also read something about possibly having a door from a different model car as well. Is their any way tell which window I need. In one thread zcar had mentioned cataloging the differences but nothing shows up.
  11. Yeah, I meant using the Gran Gala instead of the Cointreau and Grand Marnier. Its only ~$20 for a 1/5th and came as a recommendation from a liquor store owner here. When we first started drinking margaritas we tried a couple tequilas that were in the ~$20 range like Sauza, but the small jump to the 1800 made a massive difference in flavor and smoothness (is that a word?) I have had a couple better margaritas, but they were made by a friend who bar tends at a Mexican style restaurant. It was their version of a cadillac margarita with their house margarita mix and Herradurra tequila made extra stiff. Its kind of making me drool a bit right now
  12. Combine the Cointreau and Grand Marnier into just 1shot of Gran Gala and I absolutely cant tell the difference. Also, for margarita's Id rather use 1800 Silver cause it costs half as much and is just as smooth and flavorful. I think patron is over-hyped and over-priced; while its good its not really much better than the 1800..well at least in the silver. For sweet and sour mix, the best ive found is Bone Daddy's top shelf margarita mix. I found it at safeway and its unfiltered appearance drew me in.
  13. When I was looking up the head code (which id have to look at again cause I forgot), but the code was for a 75 so thats what i've been assuming the rest of the swap came from.
  14. Thats what I was afraid of. I guess Ill just drop the tranny one weekend and when I find out what it is see if I can get it locally quickly. Any tips on what will give it away obviously other than just measuring the disk itself?
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