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  1. I need 3 piece front lower valence for my son's 1973 240Z. please email pics to donaldvieira@comcast.net Thanks, GI
  2. I have a 1973 with the wheel well mounted prop valve and then firewall mounted that feeds passenger front brake and rear brakes. I have been able to mount the stock 15/16 ZX booster to the Z31 brake booster. I made new lines for that. I did by an adj. prop valve. -Is the firewall mounted proportioning valve a "damper" device of some sort. I do not know why there would be 2 proportioning valves. I did take it apart and cleaned it (wow was it nasty, both of them actually). Thanks, GI
  3. What if I run lines directly to the front calipers and plug off the prop. valve at those three sites and run a line from the MC rear port to the prop. valve rear inlet? GI
  4. NewZed, -that makes sense about the amount of fluid for the calipers. -I am extending the booster to MC pin since the 240z booster spacer make the MC sit too far out. -I will post some pics soon. Thanks, GI
  5. So I have the 15/16" ZX MC mated up to the Z31 booster but the BB to MC pin seems a bit short. I usually run .020" clearance but with the original MC spacer/mount I am not even close. Does anyone make a longer rod that is adjustable? Thanks, GI
  6. I bought the stage 4 kit from silvermine. I am very satisfied with the price. GI
  7. The Z31 booster is the same diameter as the 73 z, just dual diaphragm. I hesitate with wilwood product quality is why I haven't looked at their 1" MC. Thank you, GI
  8. -I read up on the "fast fill MC aka Quick uptake MC". - It does not say you can use a non-low drag caliper with a fast fill MC. -But, it did say you cannot use low drag caliper with a regular MC. -So my question is: -Can I block off one of the front caliper ports, since it has 2 for the front, and run it with regular calipers? Thanks, GI
  9. It is a 15/16 bore MC. -If the MC is not recommended, can I use the 280zx MC with Z31 booster. - I have a ZX MC but thought the dual diaphragm would brake the car better since it will have a 3.0 liter in it. -I just need to know if I can plug the one outlet and run the one to the 240Z prop valve Thanks, GI
  10. So I have modified a Z31 dual-diaphragm booster and also bought the MC. -The MC has 2 outlets though for the front brakes. -Can I plug one of the outlets? OR -Do I need to plumb lines separately to the front calipers? Currently I have: Toyota 4 pistons up front Mustang calipers rear Thanks, GI
  11. Thank you all for the replies. Just trying to finish this sadly failed project and get it to my son.
  12. I do have a service manual, but it does not show the detail of the routing by the evap canister forward to the pass. door. It is the 1972 factory manual.
  13. Does anyone have a pic of the wiring harness route from passenger firewall to rear quarter panel on a 1973 240Z. -Any grommets needed at junction points (i.e. interior light, rear brake route). Thank's GI
  14. Cannot figure out what this part may be for. 1973 240Z. It is the bracket with hole and the partially threaded bolt in place. Thanks, GIchiro
  15. Has anyone done this with the L6 motor? I need to know what Bracket I would need for which power steering pump. Thanks, GI
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