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  1. I purchased the larger 2+2 booster and it worked fine. I only had to flip it upside down. Meaning I rotated it 180 degrees. The vacuum hose was more than long enough still. I believe I even shortened the vacuum hose.
  2. I just received the "new" parking calipers from Dave. After reading this article,, you are stating that I can use my original cables?
  3. Finished mine up today and what a major difference is stopping power! I found a place in town that just cut the ends off the top of the lines and swapped out the 10mm for the 3/8 and re flared.
  4. I am looking for some guidance here on hooking up a camaro gas tank I use to have on the LS1 '76 into the newer '78 L28. I can hardware mount it fine just not sure about the fuel. Originally I used the Corvette fuel filter/regulator for return for the LS1 setup. For the LS1 do you think I would just come off the fuel pump in the tank to the feed line after the 280z pump and then the return from cars regulator to the tank return line? Would you think the original regulator would work with the camaro fuel pump? Thanks Scott
  5. I have Arizona Z's brake kit. Do you know if I can replace Dave's mounting bracket with this one and still use the Arizona Z brakes? I would be very interested if so!
  6. I have a 78 280Z manual. The Anti Stall Dash pot is not working correctly. It takes too much pressure to have it retract all the way back and leaves my RPM's at 2K. I don't believe it is my return spring, after taking it off, it is sticky in my hand too. Also throttle snaps right back with out Dash Pot in. I took the anit-stall dash pot out and sprayed cleaner in it but no help. This has been sitting since '97 so I assume it froze up some over the years. I have searched and can't find if they can be repaired or can I take it apart and just get the "diaphram/plunger" part? I see Dash Pots for a
  7. Looking to put hawk HPS pads on my Arizona Z 4 caliper Wilwood calipers. Not sure which part number will work. Anyone have this info?
  8. I have John's Dual Master Cylinder setup with Arizona Z's 4 caliper wilwoods all the way around and no brake booster. I currently have (two) 3/4" Tilton Masters on it. We took it out for the first real drive the other day with the LS1. It took gorilla legs to stop it! It stops, but you had to REALLY push REALLY hard. I talked to both John and Dave about my set up and I was told to go to (two) 5/8" (Dave) or 11/16" (John) master cylinders. So back to the drawing board... On a side note, WOW!! The V8 is so nice!!!! Sorry, still smiling.
  9. Here is link: http://www.4moores.com/280z/files/JCI%20Install%20Update%202.pdf Also some files I used: http://4moores.com/280z/files/index.html Scott
  10. I used the headers, radiator, intake all from JTR: http://www.jagsthatrun.com/Datsun_Order.html
  11. Thanks Cable, Where did you mount your check valve? After the charcoal canister?
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