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  1. So I have prowled the depths of the forums here and can't seem to find any info about rewiring an s30 with an aftermarket harness. The Car is done (well almost, they are really never done). My local expert has divised many different fixes for many different problems of the electrical sort. Headlight relays, new fuse box(blade type), different leads and jumpers for weak areas. This all seems like a patchwork of fixes for a system needing replacement. Since our little hotrods are fairly simple I think an aftermarket harness would solve many of the problems and the idea of having "new" throughout sounds fantastic. Thoughts???
  2. TIMZ, That setup looks perfect, how come the different types/sizes of pipe coming into the muffler. What size oval pipe did you use leqving the muffler? Do you know your final ground clearance numbers? Thanks,
  3. I am also really interested in this option. I was thinking of coming out of the muffler with oval pipe on both side just in front of the rear wheels. This way staying away from the back and maybe helping the the fumes issue. If the pipe after the muffler is kept tight to the floorboards it might not affect ground clearence too much. Thoughts?
  4. Well, the brain trust must be challenged on this one. I might reuse the top of the old hose (still solid) place a piece of stainless pipe in between and connect on the bottom with some marine grade fuel hose. Simple and effective.
  5. I've looked all around and have found no-one who has replaced the 35 year old rubber fuel filler hose. Two flanges, a lower bellows and a tank inlet below the tank top. After time they rot out. The stock replacement is over $100 and it doesn't seem like some sharp HZ user has found the perfect solution. Let's share some ideas and get on with spring. Falknz
  6. Mine's special because I found it on this forum, made a deal with a great guy across the country, sent alot of $ and got a great car that was everything the seller (Steve) said it was. I've been slowly finishing his project, making it mine, having a great time with my 15 year old son, and driving a fantastic (now scary fast) 72' hybridZ. Fun! Fun! Fun!
  7. Hi Grumpy, Two questions: How do I best protect my SBC oil pan, the 1972 240z only has about 4 inches of ground clearance. Is there some sort of skid plate or do we go to a dry sump(expensive)? My plug wires are having a rough time being near the block hugger headers. Wrap the header, sheath the plug wire, ceramic boots... any ideas. Thought I saw a thread about longer wires tucked inside the header coming from the back. Thanks, Looking forward to your counsel.
  8. I have a very clean 280, under 100k (just under) originally gold, repainted metallic brown 15' slotted aluminum mags, g-force sports w/ under 1000 mi. 5 speed, new carpet, white interior. Thanks, Neil
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