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    78 z

    just what i roll
  2. check the end of the compression rod mount , where that frame rail is hope its ok???
  3. if you not going to cut run larger tires , the fender flares only amount to eye candy,save your flares for when you get ready to truly modify.
  4. interesting, what does the otherside look like ??? be careful, and post another pic with about a 3 feet of area, and you might want to wear your helmet
  5. where can i buy these headlights????
  6. yeah it is useless, i'll keep it around in the stock parts box, since we still have to smog them in california.
  7. 78 FSM on engine tune-up page 3 item # 13= anti stall dashpot
  8. the bcdd is under the throttle body , the anti stall is between the tb and the valve cover bolted to the throttle body and has a vacuum port at the end of it , i apply vacuum and the stem lifts away from a lever on the throttle body
  9. am i missing something, i cannot find a vacuum diagram in the factory manual that shows where the anti stall dashpot is hooked up , any help appreciated.
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