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  1. Hi guys well i just sold my 06 350z and ive decided that im just going to start an rb25 swap on my old 73 240z soon. But before that i would like to see whats out here to see if you guys may have laying around. Im looking for performance parts, maybe someone has the mounts laying around they never got to use.? If not im going with the Mckinney mounts. Anything rb25 related is usefull. Let me know if anyone has anything. 240z parts i can also consider. Thanks.
  2. Hi, i got a 73 240z and found a good deal on a Vq35 with engine, tranny, mounts for a good deal. My question is ive been searching numerous hours on here but cant find the info i need. Not very much activity on the Vq swaps on here than the others but my questions are. Do i need the pedal assembly.? I seen everyone use them but wonder if theres a way to not use it.? 350z Igniton switch.? Do i need it.? Can i use the stock tank on the Z.? Been looking for these questions everywhere and cant seem to find my answer. Im ready to get flamed haha but all advice and help wou
  3. Thanks guys, ive been doing research and everything, just didnt feel like if it was giving me that extra "push". But now its given me that push i needed.
  4. Thank man this really helps. Imma go off selling it then. Ill just keep the stock turbo and increase the boost with the addition of the intercooler. Just one more question. I found a manual boost controller cheap ebay ones on ebay. Turned up the boost up to 7 then 9 psi and it would sound like if it wouldnt let my wastegate open up or it would hit fuel cut. Any suggestions.?
  5. The guy who had the turbo had originaly bought it for a supra i belive. Its big. I would like to use this turbo but i mean i know i can push the stock turbo with a good intercooler and fuel set up. Its what i might just end up doing on the 280zx so whenever smog comes it wont be to much of a deal ill just lower the boost down and hope everything is good. Its not a problem for me. On the other hand a i just got a 240z and 260z and future plans is swap and Rb engine into one of them. I might just hold on to the turbo or sell it then in the future get a Garrett Gt35 Turbo. It was my plan for the
  6. I got for say like 80-90% off from a guy who never used it and had no use for it. Soo i mean the price was incredible. And well im not sure but its a T3/T4 T04B .63 A/R .93 Trim. Its pretty big and man it spins so freely.! Also its a ball bearing turbo. What you guys say.?
  7. Hi guys, im pretty new to all of this but i got a 1983 Datsun 280zx Turbo and its got the stock T3 air research turbo. My question is. I came across a T3/T4 Turbo with a .93 trim distributed by apexi and retailed for 2799.99$ and its also a ball bearing turbo and well polished. Im sure it will bolt right up onto the car. The turbo is good up to 550hp but my question is, would you guys recomend to swap it out over the stock T3.? I also got a turbonetics intercooler soo raising the boost a little wouldnt be to much of a problem. What would you recomend.? Would like to get a good 250 out of the c
  8. Interested in an 83.? Swaped to a T5 5 speed and its also a turbo. Got modifications on it if interested message me back. Im in central california.
  9. So a pair of SUs or mikunis would just be a better choice.?
  10. Heres a link saw it on ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/RHD-1970-DATSUN-FAIR-LADY-Z-NISSAN-240Z-RHD-/250986566260?pt=US_Cars_Trucks&hash=item3a6ff71274
  11. Hi there I am looking for a 4 barrel intake manifold. Ive got a late 74 260z and i would like to see if anyone has a 4 barrel intake. Or any other performance parts.? Please let me know.
  12. Heyy man i got a 1981 280zx N/A automatic that im parting out. I can pull out the harness for you if interest and shipped for 65$, interested.?
  13. Oh yeah i forgot to mention that. It is a T5
  14. Okay thanks for your guys advice. I have chevron ATF oil in my transmission and will be trying Mobile 1 synthetic 10w40 to see how it goes.
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