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  1. If there's still a chance for this to happen, I'm in for set.
  2. Finally the RKR's are on. Fr 17x8.5 +4, Rear 17x9.5 -0- steel gray. Looks great Aaron! I can't wait to see it in person at the Datsun show in Canby this year Is that a JDM or Euro bumper? I noticed it says Datsun.
  3. All right aarang, I heard you have these mounted. Care to post some photos?
  4. Woo Hoo! Nice work. Now the real fun begins (tuning)
  5. Nice Aaron!! Have you been able to test-fit them yet to check the full-lock steering clearance and how close it comes to the strut tube? I suppose that you'll need tires to really know how well they fit. Man, I want some of these in dark bronze for the S130T!!
  6. I'd want one of everything, except for the hat. I'm just not too much of a hat guy.
  7. Rip van Winkle here ... I tried using a small netbook and I found pretty difficult to see what's going on because of the resolution of the small screen.
  8. It's happened to me before, and I think it dripped on my ecu, causing it freak out above ~4500 rpm. [edit: had to clean the connector block terminals really good, that's when I discovered the oil] I replaced the speedo cog and the problem went away. Maybe you just need to make sure the o-ring seal is good. Hope this helps...
  9. The PO picked this 1999 (?) or 2001 Honda electron blue pearl. A bit too flashy for my taste, but it grew on me. With all the pearl, it can also go from dark to light. I agree about the BMW blue on an S30...that would look really good.
  10. Have you considered running intakes out of the front fender instead of the exhaust? It could give the the look and some of the sound, and still be functional.
  11. Would one of these work? http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=h4+connector
  12. Nice! Thanks for the info Yasin. It looks like you can add another 'twin' and wire them up in parallel (if you need the extra reserve capacity) and still be much cheaper than say the Optima blue top.
  13. Should be no problem. By the way, many P90A's came with solid lifters from the factory (sometimes all the way up to 83?)
  14. You can bet one is probably the Ford model T. So the question is really what are the other eight?
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