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  1. Can I get a price check for an 88 300zx lsd pulled from an automatic with 114 k on it. Cv joints included. Unit is in Orlando. I will ship for the right price Someone is asking $1000 on eBay. I'm realistic.....Pics to follow soon. It's not a Vlsd from a shiro.... THANKS J
  2. So what are the LD-28 V07 Cranks worth these days? Thinking about pulling the one off my shelf to sell Thanks JIm
  3. Looking for hood release cable and handle for 71 240z Mine decided to crap out the other day Shipping is to 32812 Orlando fla
  4. Looking to get a plastic air duct for the right/passenger side of my 240z Preferably one that is not cracked or broken. Hopefully one that still has the tab on it......for some reason I have three lefts........it doesn't make it a right Shipping will be to 32812 or if you are in the Central Florida area let me know Thanks, J
  5. I've got one, I hear these are getting tough to find I was told Z source was looking for $100 for these things Make me an offer you can text me at 321 948 9574 Jim
  6. i've got what you need I am looking for a trade PM me
  7. Looking for a plastic or metal expansion tank Shipping to Orlando 32812 Thanks J
  8. For which item? Contact me at Jfshamus117@aol.com or 321 948 9574

    Thanks......leaving for vacation in a few hours Let me know J

  9. Will you take $100 including shipping? Ready to buy.

  10. Looking for a set of triple webers for my 240z Shipping would be to Orlando Florida 32812 Let me know what you've got..... Thanks J
  11. Looking for an electronic distributor from a 79-83 ZX and a 240z fuel filter holder. Shipping will be to Orlando Florida 32812
  12. oops extra long carriage bolt
  13. You can use the 240 straps.....just buy an extra carriage bolt, bend it 90 degrees an inch or two away from the head and voila Just a thought>>>J
  14. i've got a set for an L24 shipping from Orlando 32812 Jfshamus117 at AOL
  15. Looking for a set of Triple Webers for my 240z. Getting rid of my Turbo set up and building a 3.1 stroker. Trades considered. I'll send pics and details if you've got an interest in a trade. Jim
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