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  1. I just want to say that I hate you and I'm jealous...
  2. And that is the cold truth of it all .
  3. I know how you feel man almost every 2nd and 1st class on my base drives either an EVO,STI,05 style stang or something. Now my measily old MR2 will not take them off the line or from a roll from that matter. BUT,with a good driver and a cornering advantage it makes for a good show.
  4. That's why I love my MR2 :flamedevi
  5. Nah, the Caymen and the Z4 go back to the first posters response "They are just in such expensive vehicles that it puts them out of the price range of the average hobbist." What I want to see is more affordable balls to the wall sports cars for the price. I think the market is missing those cars. Sure I could go out and "buy" a 350Z but I wont exactly be able to eat or maintains my uniforms either...lol.Everything in my age groups price range is either used (nothing wrong their) or suited for young parents as if automakers are like "well they'll probably knock someone up before the get a chance to enjoy this one so will just throw them something lame..ROFLMAO.
  6. Some would say the Z stopped being a Z in the 80's and other would argue change did not hurt the Z. However,after the recent comeback of the Z as the 350Z I can't say I'm to pleased with the direction of the Z or sports cars in general for that matter. I do like it's bottom end torque,handling,and SOME of the styling cues. What I don't like is it's massive weight and twitchy steering. To me it looks like sports cars ( perticularly the Z ) are getting more watered down and idiot proof. What happened to the agressive monster track machines that where hardly street legal from the past ?
  7. I plan on doing a V8 TT swap on a Z31 model 300ZX once I'm done with my MR2 V6 swap here in a few.
  8. Yeah I know,I got orders to guam so I will have penty of time to atleast design and maybe test fit on a Z31 I find in a j/y somewhere.
  9. Yeah I know but when you do searchs all you get is answers for everything EXCEPT what you're looking for.
  10. There any chance people have or know where I can get LS1 motormounts for a Z31 ?
  11. Keep us updated I'm in the process of collecting parts now for my own swap.
  12. Yes, it will work,you mount it the same way you would on a turbo application.
  13. A simple T3/T4 hybrid like a .60-61/.57 trim nothing "huge" but quite a bit of a dffierence and MORE then enough for what you're gonna wanna do.
  14. I'm at the recruiting office today I leave tonight.
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